Street Fighter 3rd strike: Online edition

hope they put kara palming and hp loops in the challenge mode for yun.

Pretty sure he said the kkz reset was in Akuma’s challenges

i’m talking about yun though…

Well, if Akuma’s KKZ reset is there you might be in luck for having kara palms in Yun’s trial don’t you think?

I personally hope so as well. Tired of trials or “challenges” I can finish the first day game is out.

I hope they threw in the Erotic Juggle and just named it that for the sake of obscurity and douchey insider “wink-winks”. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol …dug this one out from the archives …

your dream has come true my friend …it truly has


''We had locked the doors of the ‘entrance’ without even knowing it. By designating the ‘entrance’, it ended up becoming a game that only a select few could enter."

ono articulates why sf4 players will leave third strike after givin it a good ol’ shot …i hope they try though …i really do as this game really needs to be back in those major tourneys .MK9 sf4 and mvc3 just aint cutting it .

oh and random point …but it is just me or does everyone else feel that their fighting game IQ dropped when they switched to sf4 ??..i am TOTALLY serious about this lol as we started ranbats in our local scene again last week for the first time in 3 years and i suddenly felt like all my fighting game knowledge was coming back piece by piece lool .

I stopped SF4 cause it was messing up my ST game and being good at a game I like is more important than being good at the game everyone plays, to me at least.

That’s how the game has been for years. Many people tried getting into it after the Daigo parry, but they became disillusioned by it because of stuff like Chun/Yun being really good, the steep learning curve, so on and so forth. It’s a great game, but definitely not for everyone. Not to mention the fact that the majority of US players didn’t have an FFA, CTF, TGA, I think Einstein’s in Austin, or any local gatherings like in DC or NC to help level up off of each other.

This is really 3rd Strike’s last chance to shine. I want this game to thrive, and from all the news coming out, new players are going to have such a high foundation to be able to get decent at this game, compared to new players from like 6-7 years ago.

Yeh trials and replays with input display are really a saving grace for fighting games and actually for the games industry as whole. Because theyre great tools which prevent having to dumb the games down too far because people want and are used to picking things up and doing awesome stuff right away. Enjoyable, free form learning and practice tools really speed up the process of being able to do that without stripping complexities from the game play.

The trials in SF4 especially work well because theres no interruptions like when tutorials in other games say “you fail” then reload again. SF introduced a sort of continuity where you just keep going and going at it. Plus you can complete a trial and then in the next trial you can still do the same combo from the previous one until you get it down for sure and then work on the one youre meant to. Its brilliant free flow tutorial practice.

I think 3S is easily going to shine this time around with improved versions of the SSF4 features like the in game replay functions as well as youtube video sharing and things too so you can watch your replays on the train to work etc and figure out how to improve and learn what other players you played did. Its really going to help broaden character selection as well because people will have more time and accessibility to figure out what to do against characters like Yun and Chun etc with characters like Alex or Remy.

Without a doubt 3SO is really raising the bar with both improved and new features.

Pretty much the story here :-\ Pittsburgh was all Guilty Gear when I got here. Makes me wish I would’ve went to NYU or somewhere up north. Cali wasn’t really an option.

I think the trials will definitely help people get up to speed at least to a decent level, especially if there’s stuff like the kkz reset and red parrying because that will be a building block for even more stuff, like the air reset super, parrying on reaction, and making the split second decision to try and prevent dying from something like chip or a reset. The youtube upload is nice too, although I hope its based on your own youtube account and not just 1 big joint account for 3s, that could become very stupid very fast, especially if you’re looking for certain players.

Think about this too, there’s tons of tutorials for just about everything in 3s already, but you can directly upload the stuff as its used in matches or real life situations, you know? If there was sort of a video editor included (doubtful but still) it’d be a really amazing tool.

I really hope this brings 3s back at least a little bit, for a few years like HDR did for SF2. If I can get to experience a golden age of 3s in America, meeting players, playing the game, and getting better, I can walk away from the community after feeling like I didn’t waste my time here.

There’s nothing wrong with this. SF3 series and 3S specifically as it’s banner title were made for a scene of people who had already mastered the shoryuken input and throws and supers. It was made for people who had been playing fighting games already for a number of years in a market that was super-saturated at that point. It’s objective was to keep those people spending yen. So opposed to SF4 which is made for the opposite reason and more for the US market.

SF4 is losing steam and I bet that’s a moment of rejoice for a lot of guys who want to play a popular game but don’t have any specific love for 4. Which is I think 75% or more of the SF4 community.

I have no idea what my point is here but those are some words I wrote.

Yeah, but before people get their hopes up, they better know, 3S will not get back on top of the world and topple SF4. They would’ve had a slight chance, but SFxT was designed to be the next step for players getting tired of SF4. All we can hope for is for 3S to replace one of the other games that people are starting to dislike.

Find it so amusing that the game that is most popular to play is the one where “75%” of players say “this game is ass”.

Goes to show the community does want something fresh. Question is with all the bag of goodies with 3SO, is that enough “fresh” for the non 3Senthusiasts?

I don’t think so really. But it’s enough to get people who backed away due to waning player pools to come back. At least I hope it is.

imo if the online community goes deep with all the content and helping new players , along with good quality online play , you could literally live in a hole and still have the ability to become REALLY good at this game .

i always thought information is really what held everything back in u.s and europe , if the information is out there …dudes are gonna level up FAST .

Its going to be the same youtube developed system as Dirt 3 that the game has used. Dirt 3 was the 1st one Ive seen to use it enabling 30 second uploads like these:

They upload to your own personal channel. For your 1st time playing the game you use your youtube sign in and it links the uploads to your channel, you only have to enter the sign in one time and from then on you can just play and upload. Its a really amazing feature. Dirt 3s 30 second limit isnt that great because its short but it really shows the potential. The 30 second upload was pretty fast, its not HD but its still good quality and with a full match upload for 3S I think the quality and practicality of it will be good enough that you can analyse your own game and show off your play to PS3 players if youre on 360 and vice versa so it will be the 1st time PS3 and 360 players get to share their replays with each other too.

[LEFT]Actually the youtube feature originated from one of the VF5 arcade revisions.[/LEFT]

Oh really? Which one? Ive never seen it in its current form until Dirt.

Either way its already proven quite useful.