Street Fighter 3rd strike: Online edition


The only input without a ‘shortcut’ (leniency) is qcf and charges.
Anytime anyone mentions sf4 shortcuts as being a problem we all laugh to ourselves quietly.

Any HC input just needs one back or forward and can end or start on a downback or downforward.



Hmm I trying this out right now, it seems I can’t like sit there holding downback then roll to forward to duck but I can be at neutral or walking forward then go db roll forward to duck. This is correct?


That’s my understanding. I’ve never been able to do it while holding the first input so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. I haven’t specifically tried but it’s never felt like that. It does feel though that I can cut corners for sure with like Alex’s powerbomb. It’s possible even though I think I’m not hitting as many inputs I actually am. I think ESN knows for sure though. See if he pops in here.

It’s always seemed like the the system acts towards ending on holding a direction and then hitting the button isn’t the same as letting the stick reset sort of as you hit the button. It’s hard to explain but I think you probably know what I mean. I think it might only be with half circle moves though because I know I hold forward after hadous and shit sometimes.

Regardless you can do some funky stuff. If you were physically fast enough you could even put inputs inside of larger inputs. I think ESN has proven that’s possible going frame by frame. So like doing f.fierce with Alex within the HCB punch motion, but not at the start, like half way through. It’s crazy.

Like let me just say even though it isn’t directly related. Dude you can do weird shit in 3S. Just from experimenting I found out I could kara flashchop with f.fierce a few months ago. CONSIDER THAT.

The System Mechanics Thread

Thanks for elaborating. I’m able to do cr. MP xx duck with Dudley easier since I now know how to take advantage of the shortcut.


As long as we’re in the “Did you know?” portion of the program, could you kara a Power Bomb from f+fierce, and is the range anything worthwhile? And the flash chop one is just f+fierce D DF F+P right?


Yes you can. And no for the flash chop.

It all has to do with Alex’s jab. Do not ask me to explain this technically because I simply don’t understand why it works this way but it does.
It’s probably a bit inappropriate to go over it in this thread so I’ll summarize and link you.

Basically you whiff jab and as Alex’s jab is happening you do the hcb then immediately do forward and hit fierce~jab. So you whiff a jab and if you do it right you’ll come out of the jab into an awkward looking powerbomb. It’ll be very obvious when you do it correctly. The range is right outside his far jab’s range.

For the flash chop you use the same whiff jab technique. jab, qcf, hold forward hit fierce~jab or strong.


Longtime lurker, 3SO coming out has given me enough drive to finally register.

bmckay, we gotta fight on GGPO soon before 3S goes off it since I don’t have a 360. I’m on PS3. Great divide and all. I gotta blow you up some. LCC and I have been doing 4 hour sessions nightly lately. We suck so good, it’s great.

Oh btw, I hear Q/Alex/Urien/Yang suck so bad in 3SO that all Ibuki has to do is walk at you and you die. So good. I hear they buffed so you can anti-air people from across the screen with it. EX kunai throws Hashinshos at kids from the sky, and f.rh is +12 on block. She’s gonna be so OP and overused when the game releases. Ibuki Fighter III: Third Strike, here we come.

I also heard they nerfed Chun’s so it’s not cancelable. Werd.

Srsly, tho. Good riddance to black lines, crappy PS3 controller drivers, and SF4 Ibuki. The future is now.


Definitely hype for this game, I can’t wait. I remember back in '05 or '06, I thought I was hot shit because I got an S ranking in arcade mode with Ken. Then I went to my local arcade and got close to perfected by the owner. :sad:

I’ll have to brush off those bad habits from the IV series.


Lmfao. Niji. Yeah, I’m gonna jump on GGPO either tomorrow or Saturday. I’ll try to work out a time to get in dat ass. lol.


Lol WTF?


Why you gotta pick on Q like that… :frowning:

But this was pretty good. Welcome.


Xbox Live Marketplace updates 2am Pacific Time, so 3am Mountain, 4am Central and 5am East Coast.

I’ll be up early on the 24th as well.


Haha, don’t think too much about it, Dev. Niji’s always like that and doesn’t actually think there is a balance patch or anything. She’s just picking on my characters. :smiley:


The future. Hmmm.


I was looking when that guy challenged DJ to that money match, im like oh shit my fav poster and a random dude gettin into it, grab the popcorn nom nom nom nom


Let’s continue this on the game mechanics thread, would be a shame to make this thread useful or interesting.


I’m setting my alarm for 5 and play a few hours before work with coffee and redbull for breakfast. Can’t wait! Man, I need some new sanwa buttons.


ay fuck you dawg


4 Days Left


So I just bought an xbox and ae and new vegas JUST so I could play OE. I’ll be getting a te shortly.

Anybody wanna play some ae meanwhile?