Street Fighter 3rd Strike ( PS3 )

Anyone know or have any news if 3rd strike will ever be able to buy from playstation network for online play or if capcom may be working on some sort of collection with 3rd strike on it with possible online play for the PS3. I mean dont get me wrong i love street fighter 4, but sometimes i miss the old 3rd strike beat downs and i dont got the ps3 that plays ps1 or ps2 games when it first came out…so =(. I was just wondering

It’s already out go buy it $14.99

He means online.

Just play on GGPO/2DF. Better netplay than you’d get with a re-release probably. Connect the computer to the tv if you need to play from the couch.
Or wait for MvC2 re-release.

Close thread.

If a real god existed they would make 3s DLC for PSN and XBLA. Urien lag tactics all day that and Denjin Ryu. :tup:

All PS3 models have ps1 compatibility.

I’ll show you lag tactics!!!

capcom is working on 3rd strike hd remix now with a rebalanced mode and redrawn 1080p sprites and ggpo online play spread the word!

lawl, if only.

believe it

I would if you posted some proof.

Hopefully it will be released, but till then

You can could always use that site, it’s easy and fast to set up for 3s online.

QFT. Plenty of people to play on 2DF.

2df is the way to go!

There is no need of 3s hd remix, the game is beautiful as it is, period.
Maybe add some stages, and new vs modes like tournament and group mode like they did on Snes and genesis for the new challengers.

I know HD Remix is… already got it , but there is no 3rd strike =/

IMO a rebalance and how-to-play/command list a la HDR or the new MvC2 would benefit Third Strike.

I’ve stated this in another thread, but I thought I would share it here as well…

I feel that 3S is the best 2D fighter to date (yes, that’s my opinion, feel free to neg rep me again for it, dickhead). But I do recognize the balance issues, even thought I think that the parry system compensates somewhat. I’d like to see a mish-mash of all three SFIII installments into one game (a la Darkstalkers Chronicle). It would be awesome to play 2I Sean, Akuma, and Ibuki (before they got nerfed) against “newer” 3S characters. It would also be cool to change the system around in terms of throw execution among other things.

I dunno… I guess that, more than anything, I’d like to see the 3S character roster without all of the nerfs on 2I characters, music, and backgrounds.

I tried 3rd strike anniversary on PS3 and it did not work.

But yeah 3s on xbox arcade with online play would be awesome. Maybe add some new stages and modes while they are at it.

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