Street Fighter 3rd Strike Results!

It was a battle to see… KO vs Daigo in the finals. It went down to the last match, Daigo held the strong lead until the end. KO’s Yun was kicking ass, combo after combo. Daigo held onto his lead with counters mainly. Both competitor went in for blood. Daigo and KO in the final round. Yun unleashed, Ken countered, and Yun killed Ken. It’s over folks, Daigo lost. KO is now the proud owner of 70% of the pot.

That sounded like a heated match. I cannot wait to see the vids for that. GG Daigo. KTHZXBAI



(a lot of other unrelated comments deleted so u get the idea of the atmosphere in #evo)

Session Start: Mon Aug 11 09:11:02 2003
[09:11] *** Now talking in #evo
[09:11] *** Topic is ‘ <-- #evo live updates for today | 3s up next | SC2 Final: DTN/Semi/Floe/Aris’
[09:11] *** Set by FMJgoUSA! on Mon Aug 11 09:03:07
[09:16] <ArlyCam2> 3rd strike is being set up.
[09:16] *** FlashG is now known as FlashTX
[09:16] <FlashTX> go TX
[09:16] <ArlyCam2> ino and alex play a test match for fun
[09:16] <ArlyCam2> i’m gonna get a drink.
[09:21] <JuniorAsp> 3S shortly
[09:23] <JuniorAsp> 3S now
[09:25] <ArlyCam> the japanese head ot head cabs have cardboard taped between them to prevent seeing the other guy’s hands
[09:25] <ArlyCam> and it BEGINS
[09:25] <ArlyCam> KO is being introduced
[09:25] <ArlyCam> to some thumpin hip hop
[09:25] <ArlyCam> “SUNSHINE POWER”
[09:25] <ArlyCam> and now…
[09:25] <ArlyCam> my ears hurt.
[09:25] <ArlyCam> Ino is being introduced
[09:26] <ArlyCam> jan, ken, pon for sides
[09:26] <ArlyCam> (rock scissors paper)
[09:26] <ArlyCam> KO takes left side.
[09:26] <ArlyCam> KO picks yun, Ino picks Makoto!
[09:26] <ArlyCam> makoto rushes in
[09:26] <ArlyCam> ko dives, luanches
[09:26] <ArlyCam> attempts reset
[09:26] <ArlyCam> ino blocks random shoulder
[09:26] <ArlyCam> redparries attack
[09:26] <ArlyCam> rushdown
[09:26] <ArlyCam> KO activates genei jin
[09:26] <ArlyCam> ino pokes him out
[09:26] <ArlyCam> parries rossup
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ino gets throw in corner
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ko gets gen’ei again
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ino defense
[09:27] <ArlyCam> gets juggled
[09:27] <ArlyCam> OW
[09:27] <ArlyCam> that hurt.
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ino almost had a super
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ko wins by divekick.
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ko rushes down
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ino gets lucky super
[09:27] <ArlyCam> gets throw
[09:27] <ArlyCam> KO reverses throw
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ino gets grab
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ko reverses the trap
[09:27] <ArlyCam> KO gets genei in corner
[09:27] <ArlyCam> NICE combo
[09:27] <ArlyCam> ko fakes crossup
[09:28] <ArlyCam> ino comes back
[09:28] <ArlyCam> KO GETS ANOTHER GEN’EI
[09:28] <ArlyCam> EI EI EI EI EI
[09:28] <ArlyCam> and wins by divekick
[09:28] <ArlyCam> 1-0 KO
[09:28] <ArlyCam> ko uses SA3
[09:28] <ArlyCam> ino SA1
[09:28] <ArlyCam> makot gets cornered
[09:28] <ArlyCam> ino tries to get out
[09:28] <ArlyCam> ko activates SA
[09:28] <ArlyCam> corner trap
[09:28] <ArlyCam> eo
[09:28] <ArlyCam> eo
[09:28] <ArlyCam> eo
[09:28] <ArlyCam> err…
[09:28] <ArlyCam> ei.
[09:29] <ArlyCam> ino eats a throw.
[09:29] <ArlyCam> hard to type in the dark.
[09:29] <ArlyCam> ino tries rush throw
[09:29] <ArlyCam> ko traps ino with launches
[09:29] <ArlyCam> ino corners ko
[09:29] <ArlyCam> NICE
[09:29] <ArlyCam> ko comes back with with SA combo
[09:29] <ArlyCam> ei
[09:29] <ArlyCam> ei
[09:29] <ArlyCam> ei
[09:29] <ArlyCam> win!
[09:29] <ArlyCam> ok!
[09:29] <ArlyCam> Ohnuki is now up
[09:30] <ArlyCam> and his challenger…
[09:30] <ArlyCam> the craziest streetfighter player ever…
[09:30] <ArlyCam> </Cannon>
[09:30] <ArlyCam> 3s.
[09:30] <ArlyCam> shit.
[09:30] <ArlyCam> i can’t type fast enough for this shit.
[09:31] <ArlyCam> daigo picks ken, ohnuki picks chun.
[09:31] <ArlyCam> ohnuki closes in
[09:31] <ArlyCam> daigo ranges with fireballs
[09:31] <ArlyCam> ohnuki picked SA2, daigo SA3
[09:31] <ArlyCam> daigo gets first hit
[09:31] <ArlyCam> with random sweeps
[09:31] <ArlyCam> ow, ohnuki gets some good pokes
[09:31] <ArlyCam> ohnuki gets SUPER!
[09:31] <ArlyCam> 1-0 ohnuki
[09:31] <ArlyCam> the pokes gave enough meter…
[09:31] <ArlyCam> ow, ohnuki gets fierce poke
[09:31] <ArlyCam> daigo rushes for throw
[09:31] <ArlyCam> daigo has him in corner
[09:31] <ArlyCam> another throw
[09:31] <ArlyCam> attemped EX bird, daigo counters super and TAUNTS
[09:32] <ArlyCam> TAUNTS AGAIN!
[09:32] <ArlyCam> ohnuki gets 2 throws for corner
[09:32] <ArlyCam> daigo gets out, but gets repdparried
[09:32] <ArlyCam> daigo is ranging
[09:32] <ArlyCam> ohnuki has super
[09:32] <ArlyCam> daigo gets low fwd to super for 1-1
[09:32] <ArlyCam> WOOO
[09:32] <ArlyCam> ohnnuki gets 2 fierces
[09:32] <ArlyCam> daigo has no super
[09:32] <ArlyCam> ohnuki has 2
[09:32] <ArlyCam> daigo in corner
[09:32] <ArlyCam> thrown twice
[09:32] <ArlyCam> almost thrown again
[09:32] <ArlyCam> thrown again!
[09:32] <ArlyCam> AND AGAIN@
[09:32] <ArlyCam> …
[09:32] <ArlyCam> AND AAGAIN!@
[09:32] <ArlyCam> daigo attempted psychic dps twice
[09:33] <ArlyCam> and gets punshed with super
[09:33] <ArlyCam> 1-0 ohnuki
[09:33] <ArlyCam> daigo backs off
[09:33] <ArlyCam> ohnuki pokes back
[09:33] <ArlyCam> daigo tries to sweep
[09:33] <ArlyCam> ohnuki hasn’t hit yet
[09:33] <ArlyCam> …
[09:33] <ArlyCam> daigo gets crossu[p
[09:33] <ArlyCam> OW
[09:33] <ArlyCam> in corner
[09:33] <ArlyCam> ohnuki’s in trouble
[09:33] <ArlyCam> but he JUST got a super ready
[09:33] <ArlyCam> daigo crosses out
[09:33] <ArlyCam> and gets the super
[09:33] <ArlyCam> ohnuki at 0
[09:33] <ArlyCam> daigo gets an overhead to kill.
[09:33] <ArlyCam> both have 1 super
[09:33] <ArlyCam> daigo attemps low fwd
[09:34] <ArlyCam> ohnuki is poking low
[09:34] <ArlyCam> daigo gets low fwd to super
[09:34] <ArlyCam> ohnuki in corner
[09:34] <ArlyCam> uhoh
[09:34] <ArlyCam> daigo is facing ohnuki with NO ex
[09:34] <ArlyCam> but gets the psychic DP!
[09:34] <ArlyCam> 1-1
[09:34] <ArlyCam> daigo won this one
[09:34] <ArlyCam> final match
[09:34] <ArlyCam> daigo jumps in at the start
[09:34] <ArlyCam> ohnuki gets wept
[09:34] <ArlyCam> d
[09:34] <ArlyCam> daigo rushes down
[09:34] <ArlyCam> ohnuki has half bar
[09:34] <ArlyCam> daigo has a super rd
[09:35] <ArlyCam> throw attempt
[09:35] <ArlyCam> ohnuki tries to escape and gets hit
[09:35] <ArlyCam> daigo gets EX fireball
[09:35] <ArlyCam> daigo can’t throw him
[09:35] <ArlyCam> and gets thrown in corner
[09:35] <ArlyCam> daigo does dp, gets parried
[09:35] <ArlyCam> and then cancels into super
[09:35] <ArlyCam> and wins
[09:35] <ArlyCam> 1-0 daigo
[09:35] <ArlyCam> ohnuki has super
[09:35] <ArlyCam> gets thrown in corner
[09:35] <ArlyCam> daigo rushes, but gets thornw in corner
[09:35] <ArlyCam> ohnuk gets another throw
[09:35] <ArlyCam> OW
[09:35] <ArlyCam> daigo gets b-fierce into super
[09:35] <ArlyCam> juggled
[09:35] <ArlyCam> air thrown
[09:35] <ArlyCam> poked
[09:35] <ArlyCam> almost stunned
[09:35] <ArlyCam> dying
[09:35] <ArlyCam> ohnuki poking
[09:36] <ArlyCam> daigo desperate, dies to kikoken
[09:36] <ArlyCam> ohnuki has full bar
[09:36] <ArlyCam> daigo had two shorts… no super?
[09:36] <ArlyCam> daigo throwing ex firebakllks
[09:36] <ArlyCam> er…
[09:36] <ArlyCam> ohnuki gets b-fierce to super
[09:36] <ArlyCam> daigo gets three low shorts to super
[09:36] <ArlyCam> even
[09:36] <ArlyCam> crossup attempt by daigo
[09:36] <ArlyCam> daigo is in corner
[09:36] <ArlyCam> escapes
[09:36] <ArlyCam> ohnuki gets ex’fireballed
[09:36] <ArlyCam> daigo backs off
[09:36] <ArlyCam> ohnuki eats a few footsies
[09:36] <ArlyCam> and gets low fwd to super
[09:36] <ArlyCam> ohnuki gets DP!
[09:37] <ArlyCam> 'ed
[09:37] <ArlyCam> daigo wins
[09:37] <ArlyCam> daiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigoOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[09:37] <ArlyCam> changing cabinets for the next match
[09:37] *** Juliahoe has joined #evo
[09:37] <ArlyCam> i need fucking macros.
[09:38] <ArlyCam> ohnuki is now in losers
[09:39] <ArlyCam> it’s alll about psychic daigo uppercuts
[09:40] <FMJgoUSA> ArlyCam: so the losers bracket people are playing the winners bracket people?
[09:40] <ArlyCam> nah
[09:40] <ArlyCam> losers stay in losers
[09:40] <ArlyCam> winners with winners
[09:41] <FMJgoUSA> I have that Daigo and Nuki both have 1 loss already, did they get reset?
[09:41] <ArlyCam> this might be true
[09:42] <ArlyCam> ok, it’s true
[09:42] <ArlyCam> nuki is out
[09:42] <ArlyCam> my bad
[09:42] <ArlyCam> nuki is OUUUT
[09:42] <ArlyCam> ok
[09:42] <ArlyCam> now coming in
[09:42] <ArlyCam> Mopreme
[09:42] <ArlyCam> his opponent…
[09:43] <ArlyCam> known as the texas ticker
[09:43] <ArlyCam> HSIEN
[09:43] <LawdNOEVO> texas ticker wtf
[09:43] <ArlyCam> that’s tony for ya
[09:43] <ArlyCam> not my label
[09:43] <ArlyCam> hsien: ken sa 2
[09:43] <ArlyCam> err
[09:43] <ArlyCam> 3
[09:43] <ArlyCam> mop: chun sa 2
[09:43] <ArlyCam> mopreme runs away
[09:43] <ArlyCam> hsien chases after his jumping ass
[09:43] <ArlyCam> mop building meter
[09:43] <ArlyCam> dude. this is like pogo.
[09:43] <ArlyCam> hsien has him in corner
[09:44] <ArlyCam> gets two throws
[09:44] <ArlyCam> and ANOTHER
[09:44] <ArlyCam> dashes back
[09:44] <ArlyCam> puts himself in corner
[09:44] <ArlyCam> mop goes for kill
[09:44] <ArlyCam> hsien knocks him away
[09:44] <ArlyCam> mop almost dead
[09:44] <ArlyCam> hsien crosses up
[09:44] <ArlyCam> no good
[09:44] <ArlyCam> mop tries for throw
[09:44] <ArlyCam> thrown in corner
[09:44] <ArlyCam> DP!
[09:44] <ArlyCam> hsien 1-0
[09:44] <ArlyCam> hsien closes in
[09:44] <ArlyCam> mop ain’t jumping no more
[09:44] <ArlyCam> thrown in corner
[09:44] <ArlyCam> hsien has him trapped.
[09:44] <ArlyCam> mo doesn’t even poke back
[09:44] <ArlyCam> hsien gets psychic pokes in
[09:44] <ArlyCam> mop gets out
[09:45] <ArlyCam> but eats two shorts to super
[09:45] <ArlyCam> hsien gets another hit
[09:45] <ArlyCam> hsien is at 100 so far
[09:45] <ArlyCam> mop is near death
[09:45] <ArlyCam> oh shit.
[09:45] <ArlyCam> oh
[09:45] <ArlyCam> one more throw
[09:45] <ArlyCam> PERFECT!
[09:45] <ArlyCam> dp again
[09:45] <ArlyCam> hsien is the new daigo.
[09:45] <ArlyCam> “Watson is fat.” -Tony
[09:45] <ArlyCam> mop picks ken SA 3
[09:46] <ArlyCam> gets put in corner
[09:46] <ArlyCam> hsien thrown in corner
[09:46] <ArlyCam> mop tries random sweep
[09:46] <ArlyCam> s 3rd time’s a charm
[09:46] <ArlyCam> hsien rushes in
[09:46] <ArlyCam> ex fireball
[09:46] <ArlyCam> mop rushes down
[09:46] <ArlyCam> crossup to overhead kick to super!
[09:46] <ArlyCam> mop is up
[09:46] <ArlyCam> gets tossed in corner
[09:46] <ArlyCam> hsien closes in
[09:46] <ArlyCam> hsien eats EX fireball
[09:46] <ArlyCam> x2
[09:46] <ArlyCam> mop 1-0
[09:46] <ArlyCam> mop ges a jump in but doesn’t follow up
[09:46] <ArlyCam> hsien rushes in and out
[09:46] <ArlyCam> mop tries to poke
[09:46] <ArlyCam> hsien gets tossed to corner
[09:46] <ArlyCam> OW
[09:47] <ArlyCam> mop gets a sick EX air spinkick
[09:47] <ArlyCam> hsien has hop in corner
[09:47] <ArlyCam> mop escapes
[09:47] <ArlyCam> mopreme eats super
[09:47] <ArlyCam> hsien corners mop
[09:47] <ArlyCam> the’re even
[09:47] <ArlyCam> hsien has 2 supers
[09:47] <ArlyCam> mopreme gets a super in, no bar now
[09:47] <ArlyCam> tick throw
[09:47] <ArlyCam> mop tries ex spinkick crossup
[09:47] <ArlyCam> hsien has him in ocrner
[09:47] <ArlyCam> and hsien parries jump in to low forward to super
[09:48] <ArlyCam> mo gets parried in air
[09:48] <ArlyCam> hsien corners him with air ex spinkick
[09:48] <ArlyCam> tossed
[09:48] <ArlyCam> hsien rushes down at full health and 2 supers
[09:48] <ArlyCam> mop gets a low poke parried
[09:48] <ArlyCam> mo is at LOW HEATH
[09:48] <ArlyCam> hsien has full
[09:48] <ArlyCam> OH!
[09:48] <ArlyCam> almost a perfect.,
[09:48] <ArlyCam> mo gets a good dp
[09:48] <ArlyCam> hsien gets a nice low fwd in
[09:48] <ArlyCam> hsien takes it.
[09:49] <ArlyCam> sayooooonara, mop-boy
[09:50] <ArlyCam> ok, looks like US vs Japanese
[09:50] <ArlyCam> daigo can win
[09:50] <ArlyCam> if he wins every match
[09:50] <ArlyCam> Q has tight music.
[09:50] <ArlyCam> i must agree with the kid next to me.
[09:51] <ArlyCam> NEXT UP!
[09:51] <ArlyCam> Rickyyyyy Ortiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz
[09:52] <ArlyCam> damn. looks like freddie mercury.
[09:52] <ArlyCam> Jaha goes up and cops a feel. :slight_smile:
[09:52] <ArlyCam> and his opponent…
[09:52] <ArlyCam> hailing from japan…
[09:52] <ArlyCam> using alex
[09:52] <ArlyCam> and he loves american porn.
[09:52] <ArlyCam> KSK!!!
[09:55] <ArlyCam2> ricky gets low fwd to super
[09:55] <ArlyCam2> hsien won tex match
[09:56] <LawdNOEVO> k
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> ksk tries ex elbow
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> STOMP!
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> hahaha
[09:56] *** Camelos has joined #evo
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> ksk almost eats super
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> STOMP!
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> …
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> charging meter…
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> 25 secs
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> ricky has him in corner
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> they both have meter
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> yeah
[09:56] *** ArlyCam has quit IRC (Ping timeout: no data for 244 seconds)
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> 10 seconds
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> ksk has the STOMP!
[09:56] <ArlyCam2> KSK WINS!!!
[09:56] <LawdNOEVO> raining timberlands
[09:56] <LawdNOEVO> too good
[09:57] <ArlyCam2> it’s raining tims.
[09:57] *** ArlyCam2 is now known as ArlyCam1
[09:57] <ArlyCam1> fuck. actually it wasn’t an ir error
[09:57] <ArlyCam1> it was ISP error
[09:57] <ArlyCam1> sincei was on for forever
[09:57] <ArlyCam1> shit happens
[09:57] <ArlyCam1> and i have no failsafes =(
[09:57] <ArlyCam1> next up… hsien vs ricky.
[09:57] <ArlyCam1> goddamn, that was one hell of a beating.
[09:58] *** FMJgoUSA changes topic to ‘SC2 Final: DTN/Semi/Floe/Aris | 3s: KO def Ino|Daigo def Nuki|Hsien Def Mopreme| KSK def Ricky’
[09:58] <ArlyCam1> ATTENTION
[09:58] <ArlyCam1> ALEX IS NOW TOP TIER
[09:58] <ArlyCam1> kthx
[09:59] <ArlyCam1> ricky was eating a lot of ex elbows in the first match, and VERY well placed stomps
[09:59] <ArlyCam1> this is surprising, since we had considered KSK to be one of the weaker Japanese players.
[10:00] <ArlyCam1> maybe that was just the characters, though.
[10:00] <ArlyCam1> Ricky was consistent enough to beat top tier Japanese, which is nuts.
[10:00] <ArlyCam1> a few times.
[10:00] <ArlyCam1> but for the most part he was able to read throw attempts.
[10:00] <ArlyCam1> kara throws even.
[10:00] <ArlyCam1> mago is in losers i think.
[10:01] <ArlyCam1> mago is in winners.
[10:01] <ArlyCam1> my bad.
[10:01] <ArlyCam1> wait…
[10:01] <ArlyCam1> mago isn’t even in actually.
[10:01] <ArlyCam1> heh.
[10:01] <ArlyCam1> sorry, i have conflicting reports.
[10:01] <ArlyCam1> bracket is being messed around.
[10:01] <ArlyCam1> there was an error in bracket:
[10:01] <ArlyCam1> the match is actually Daigo vs Ricky.
[10:02] <ArlyCam1> “God, you people with drama.”
[10:02] <ArlyCam1> btw
[10:02] <ArlyCam1> you may lynch me if my connection fuxors.
[10:03] <ArlyCam1> by the way, the US cabinets they have that are connected to the japanese capcom impresses are odd. the buttons are shifted one button to the right too far.
[10:03] <ArlyCam1> Takes a little while to get used to.
[10:03] <ArlyCam1> Also, the Japanese consider Capcom Impress cabs to be bleh.
[10:04] <ArlyCam1> Astrocity’s are the best.
[10:04] <ArlyCam1> And Blastrocitys.
[10:04] <ArlyCam1> Uhoh.
[10:04] <ArlyCam1> Announcement regarding Denjinvideo.
[10:04] <ArlyCam1> and stuff.
[10:04] <ArlyCam1> Request.
[10:05] <ArlyCam1> Please don’t post these videos online.
[10:05] <FMJgoUSA> these = finals?
[10:05] <ArlyCam1> They need to make their money through DVDs.
[10:05] <ArlyCam1> soon yeah
[10:05] <ArlyCam1> (read: GET THE VIDEOS NOW AHAHAHHAA)
[10:05] <ArlyCam1> (j/k)
[10:05] <FMJgoUSA> ok done
[10:06] <ArlyCam1> pls support and stuff.
[10:06] <FMJgoUSA> prelims are mine tho mwahhaahh
[10:06] <ArlyCam1> besides the quality’s better anyways.
[10:07] <ArlyCam1> next up
[10:07] <ArlyCam1> ricky vs daigo.
[10:07] <ArlyCam1> daigo… is picking… KEN.
[10:07] <ArlyCam1> ricky is chun, sa2.
[10:07] <LawdNOEVO> sa3?
[10:07] <ArlyCam1> I bet her hair buns would look good in his hair.
[10:07] <ArlyCam1> daigo is sa3. match starts
[10:07] <ArlyCam1> chun gets a low fwd to super
[10:07] <ArlyCam1> eats psychic DP
[10:07] <ArlyCam1> and throw
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> ricky gets a low jab tick to throw.
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 ricky
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo rushes ricky in corner!
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> low short x2 super
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> taunt!
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> ohhhh
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> psychic sweep
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> ricky runs like a bitch but comes back in
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo is being pokey
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> ANOTHER low fwd to super by daigpo
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> DAUNT!
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> err
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> taunt. pshh
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> and daigo is 1-1
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> ricky eats a fireball. hehe
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo eats low fwd to super
[10:08] <ArlyCam1> and ricky RUNS!
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> daigo has super, ricky is almost there
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> daigo is going fow low fwds
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> ricky isn’t being as consistent
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> daigo misses a fierce DP and ricky kills him with super!
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> first game to ricky.
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> damn, eat those taunts.
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> NEXT MATCH!
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> daigo closes in
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> ricky gets pokes in
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> daigo uses fireballs
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> but low meter
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> rickyt is 2/3rds there
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> daigo is going for low pokes but eats fierces
[10:09] <ArlyCam1> ricky GETS SUPER!
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> daigo is backing off
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> nice random sweep.
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> gets thrown in corner
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> ricky eats DP
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> daigo eats wakeup ex spinning bird kick
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> ricky 1-0
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> (ha taunts)
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> wait! joystick error.
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> uhoh.
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> daigo’s side is jumping by itself.
[10:10] <ArlyCam1> please stand by.
[10:11] <ArlyCam1> BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…
[10:11] <ArlyCam1> yes. top tier strategy: break your joystick. :slight_smile:
[10:11] *** FMJgoUSA changes topic to ‘SC2 Final: DTN/Semi/Floe/Aris | 3s: KO def Ino|Daigo def Nuki|Hsien Def Mopreme| KSK def Ricky | Daigo v Ricky’
[10:11] <ArlyCam1> heh heh heh…
[10:13] <ArlyCam1> ok, they’re restarting the match
[10:13] <ArlyCam1> ricky is still 1-0
[10:13] <ArlyCam1> theyre setting up the exact meter.
[10:13] <ArlyCam1> ken will be at 1/3rd health.
[10:13] <ArlyCam1> ShinJN is now backup
[10:14] <ShinJN> hella controversy
[10:14] <ArlyCam1> man this is weird.
[10:14] <ArlyCam1> hey, it looks like it was ricky’s joystick that fucked up.
[10:14] <ShinJN> yea… ricky called the time out
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> chun will beat 1/3rd health.
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> ok match resumes!
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets rickyt in corner
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> rickyt has no meter
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> gets SWEPT twice
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> 1-1
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets early low fwd to super
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> ricky’s hurting
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> daigo raunts
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> taunts
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> ANOTHER SUPER
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> ANOTHER TAUNT
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> throw in corner
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> another throw
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets thrown out
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> ricky gets a low fwd but misses super
[10:15] <ArlyCam1> daigo has 1/2 health
[10:16] <ShinJN> daigo wins
[10:16] <ArlyCam1> daigo GETS RICKY with EX fireball.
[10:16] <ArlyCam1> 1-1
[10:16] <ShinJN> 1-1
[10:16] <ArlyCam1> wait… wait… whaaaat now?
[10:16] <ShinJN> color settings
[10:16] <ArlyCam1> ok, let’s go!
[10:16] <ShinJN> don’t worru
[10:16] <ShinJN> wotty
[10:16] <ArlyCam1> daigo starts with fireball
[10:16] <ArlyCam1> eats a low fwd
[10:16] <ShinJN> worry
[10:16] <ShinJN> lol
[10:16] <ShinJN> can’t type
[10:16] <ArlyCam1> ricky gets another good fierce, good meter building.
[10:16] <ArlyCam1> daigo has him in corner and sweeps ricky.
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> ricky blocks low fwd, daigo does super and eats ricky’s own!
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> daigo runs into ricky’s low fwd and dies.
[10:17] <ShinJN> ricky winsd with low fwd
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 ricky.
[10:17] <ShinJN> round 1
[10:17] <ShinJN> now round 2
[10:17] *** Iliketekk has joined #evo
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> daigo is being more cautious but daigo gets tossed around
[10:17] <ShinJN> daifo throws
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> daigo is backed up
[10:17] <ShinJN> ricky throws
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> ricky has super ready
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> daigo tosses EX fireball
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> and another
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> stalemate
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> ricky closes in
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> ricky gets cornered
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> thrown TWICE
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> ricky escapes corner
[10:17] <ArlyCam1> misses his low fwd opportunity
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> daigo is backed into corner again
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> daigo reads the throw attempt and misses crossup[
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> daigo eats low fwd to super
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> daigo is ALMOST DEAD
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> 26 seconds
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> ricky closes in for the kill
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> daigo has no meter
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> tecks
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> ricky eats EX fireball
[10:18] *** fluxcore has joined #evo
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> 10 seconds left
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> ricky almost has it
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> both almost dead
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> JUDGEMENT!
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> JUDGEMENT!
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> JUDGEMENT!
[10:18] <ShinJN> OG
[10:18] <ShinJN> JUDGEMENT
[10:18] <ShinJN> OMG
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> wait
[10:18] <ArlyCam1> wait
[10:19] <ArlyCam1> wai
[10:19] <ArlyCam1> t wai
[10:19] <FMJgoUSA> no judgement
[10:19] <ArlyCam1> t wai
[10:19] <ArlyCam1> …
[10:19] <LawdNOEVO> i thought rules said judgenemt gets replayed
[10:19] <FMJgoUSA> replay
[10:19] <ArlyCam1> if you remember
[10:19] <ShinJN> does not count
[10:19] <ArlyCam1> judgement is not counted
[10:19] <ShinJN> DOES NOT COUNT
[10:19] <ShinJN> hahaha
[10:19] <ShinJN> crowd is all retarded
[10:19] <ArlyCam1> restart the round.
[10:19] <ArlyCam1> err match.
[10:19] <ShinJN> replay last game
[10:20] <ArlyCam1> ricky has one round
[10:20] <ArlyCam1> daigo has to win two rounds.
[10:20] <ShinJN> 1-0 ricky
[10:20] <ShinJN> INTENSE
[10:21] <LawdNOEVO> replaying entire match right?
[10:21] <ArlyCam1> ok, they’re checking the footage
[10:21] <ShinJN> no
[10:21] <ShinJN> waiting for footage
[10:21] <ShinJN> it’s like a soap here
[10:22] <ArlyCam1> ricky needs one round
[10:22] <ArlyCam1> daigo needs 2
[10:22] <ArlyCam1> wait… another complication?
[10:23] <ArlyCam1> what the heck?
[10:23] <ShinJN> arly
[10:23] <ShinJN> he’s right there
[10:23] <ShinJN> nexdst to you
[10:23] <ShinJN> next to that kid
[10:23] <ShinJN> dood
[10:23] <ArlyCam1> which hiro are we talking about
[10:23] <ShinJN> arly is looking in crowd
[10:23] <LawdNOEVO> black guy
[10:23] <ShinJN> black HIRO
[10:23] *** RoadHip has joined #evo
[10:23] <LawdNOEVO> diamonds
[10:23] <ArlyCam1> ohhh
[10:23] *** RoadHip has left #evo
[10:23] *** ShinBlank has quit IRC (Read error 54: Connection reset by peer)
[10:24] <LawdNOEVO> lol
[10:24] *** muses has joined #evo
[10:24] <ArlyCam1> hiro made it to winner’s final and lost to mopreme and then in losers he lost to a japanese player
[10:24] <LawdNOEVO> oooh
[10:24] <ArlyCam1> only because he tried to cross up six times and he got punished every time
[10:24] <LawdNOEVO> dudley or necro?
[10:24] <ArlyCam1> daigo got a TON of sweeps in a row as i typed that.
[10:24] *** kaos has joined #evo
[10:24] <ArlyCam1> final match!
[10:24] <ArlyCam1> daigo misses his low fwd super
[10:24] <ArlyCam1> rickyt MISSED RED PARRY
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> daigo thrown in corner
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> daigo got poked out of EX fireball
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> ricky missed supers twice
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> AND AGAIN he tried to do super and it was blocked
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> daigo parries into super!
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> daigo has the lead!
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> daigo is backed into corner
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> PSYCHIC DP!
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> LOW STRONG FOR THE WIN!
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> Daigo WINS!
[10:25] <ArlyCam1> peeeeeeaaaaaace out ricky?
[10:26] <ShinJN> ricky is out
[10:26] <ShinJN> lol
[10:26] <ShinJN> man
[10:26] *** FMJgoUSA changes topic to ‘SC2 Final: DTN/Semi/Floe/Aris | 3s: KO def Ino|Daigo def Nuki|Hsien Def Mopreme| KSK def Ricky | Daigo def Ricky’
[10:26] <ShinJN> mad drama now
[10:26] <ArlyCam1> looks like ricky had a misunderstanding, but should be ovaahh.
[10:26] <ArlyCam1> hmm.
[10:26] <ArlyCam1> i think… ricky thought it was part of setting up the round.
[10:27] <Reno-> i am buying 18 copies of evo 2k3 dvd now
[10:27] <ArlyCam1> announcement.
[10:27] <ArlyCam1> pending.
[10:27] <ArlyCam1> ok, that was weird.
[10:27] *** FMJgoUSA changes topic to ‘SC2 Final: DTN/Semi/Floe/Aris | 3s: KO def Ino|Daigo def Nuki|Hsien Def Mopreme| KSK def Ricky | who knows, skip to marv’
[10:28] <ArlyCam1> since there was some confusion
[10:28] <ArlyCam1> daigo has offered to settle this with one final match
[10:28] <ArlyCam1> Judgement IS NOW IN EFFECT. heh.
[10:28] <ArlyCam1> Que Sera Sera rule.
[10:28] <ArlyCam1> (What Happens, Happens.)
[10:28] <ArlyCam1> OK!
[10:29] <LawdNOEVO> jimmy give hiro your phone
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> ricky eades sweep and gets poke
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> eats a sweep
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> eats a DP!
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> ricky’s in corner
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> EATS A LOW FWD SUPER
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> (taunt)
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> EATS ANOTHER DP!
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> rickys still cornered
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> and daigo sweeps for the win!
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> BEAAAST!
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> daigo rushes down
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> three low shorts to super
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> taunt
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets thrown out of corner
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> daigo rushes his hass DOWN
[10:29] <ArlyCam1> c fierce’d ricky’s somersault kick.
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> ricky missed a low dfwd attempt
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> daigo whiffed weep
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> sweep
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets thrown in corner
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> ricky blocks EX fierball
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> daigo is back in corner
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> ricky whiffed low fwd, daigo dashes in and THROWS!
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> DAIGO WINS!
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> peace out.
[10:30] *** FMJgoUSA changes topic to ‘SC2 Final: DTN/Semi/Floe/Aris | 3s: KO def Ino|Daigo def Nuki|Hsien Def Mopreme| KSK def Ricky | Daigo def Ricky’
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> Next.
[10:30] <ArlyCam1> Hsien vs. Ino.
[10:31] <ShinJN> ok
[10:31] <ShinJN> seriously
[10:31] <ArlyCam1> ok, from now on, Judgement is in effect.
[10:31] <ShinJN> what the hell
[10:31] <Reno-> man
[10:31] <ShinJN> just hjappened
[10:31] <FMJgoUSA> lol
[10:31] <Reno-> <Daigo> let’s play again Ricky. I wanna kick your ass some more
[10:31] <LawdNOEVO> ok rule changes
[10:31] <FMJgoUSA> i told everyone that!!
[10:31] <ArlyCam1> Ino is Yun, SA 3
[10:31] <ArlyCam1> Ken eats random shoulder
[10:31] <ArlyCam1> ino cancelled into SA 3 and got a juggle combo
[10:31] <ArlyCam1> hsien tries to rush in but eats ANOTHER sa 3 combo
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> and ino takes 1st round.
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> hsien has 1 super.
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> whiffed divekick to throw
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> ino gets tossed to corner
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> and AGAIN
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> hsien has him locked.
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> ino has meter!
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> activated SA 3 but hsien throws him in corner again
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> hsien gets thrown
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> ino gets knocked away, it’s a ranged match
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> ino activates super again
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> hsien throws EX fireball
[10:32] <ArlyCam1> ino fucks up his juggle combo
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> hsien rushes the fuck IN
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> ino tried command throw and gets nmailed
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> OH!
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> hsien ate super 3
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> hsien just did super 3
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> OH SHIT!
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> DOUBLE KO!
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> dunno what ruling is. next match is now going on
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> ino cancells blocked shoulder to sa 3
[10:33] <ArlyCam1> hsien doesn’t take much damage.
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> hsien rushes ino down
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> even health
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> ino gets a GOOD shot in
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> ino eats EX air spinkick.
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> hsien jumps in, can’t do much
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> hsien is cornered
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> ino eats two low shorts to super.
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> hsien gets nailed with a combo
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> ino is now half up
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> building meter
[10:34] <ArlyCam1> hsien gets him in corner
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> but ino NAILS hsien with another SA 3 semi-combo.
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> ino has him in corner
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> and kills him with a random overhead.
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> ino needs some practice.
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> ino gets thrown in corner.
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> hsien parries ino’s shoulder
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> hsien parries shoulder and throws him down,.
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> hsien gets out of corner
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> but gets thrown i nagain
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> and hsien throws ino in corner
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> ino builds meter and activates sa 3
[10:35] <ArlyCam1> hsien EATS sa 3 combo!
[10:36] <ArlyCam1> and gets command thrown
[10:36] <ArlyCam1> and ino gets the kill!
[10:36] <ArlyCam1> ok, that double KO countered as a win on both sides.
[10:37] <ArlyCam1> ricky lost fair and square already after the fair rematch
[10:38] <ArlyCam1> Apparently, in Japan, Judgement does count.
[10:38] <ShinJN> Daigo did win one
[10:38] <ArlyCam1> true
[10:38] <ShinJN> cause remember after that mishap with ricky’s controller
[10:38] <ShinJN> daigo rushed that shit
[10:38] <ShinJN> and won
[10:38] <ShinJN> so that made it 1-1
[10:39] <ArlyCam1> Judgement is dependent on taunts, throws parries and combos.
[10:39] <ShinJN> or some shit
[10:39] <ShinJN> then we had the judgement thing
[10:39] <ArlyCam1> so from now on, judgement is legal.
[10:39] <ShinJN> where ricky already won one round
[10:39] <ShinJN> so they gave ricky one round
[10:39] <ShinJN> and daigo had to win two rounds
[10:39] <ArlyCam1> OK!
[10:39] <ShinJN> and daigo won
[10:39] <ShinJN> mad RH
[10:39] <ArlyCam1> KO vs KSK coming up
[10:39] <ShinJN> lol
[10:40] <ShinJN> RH > ricky
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> they flew allllll the fucking way from japan
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> just to play each other. :slight_smile:
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> ok! let’s start.
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> KSK picks Alex, Boomerang Raid.
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> KO picks Yun, SA 3
[10:40] <ShinJN> well hapan took all of 3s money
[10:40] <ShinJN> lol
[10:40] <ShinJN> japan
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> they both start off jumping back
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> very jumpy match
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> getting some good shots off
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> OH!
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> ko gets a good antiair shoulder into an EEEEVIL kara-palm combo!
[10:40] *** FMJgoUSA changes topic to ‘3s: KO def Ino|Daigo def Nuki|Hsien Def Mopreme| KSK def Ricky | Daigo def Ricky | Ino d’
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> and he gets more meter
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> my GOD
[10:40] <ArlyCam1> that was SO MUCH FUCKING DAMAGE
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> round 2!
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> ksk gets put on defence.
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> KO gets genie’!
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> but gets hit out by EX elbow
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> ksk can’t attack!
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> ko locking him down
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> baits throw attempt and nails ksk with gen’ei jin combo.
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> OH!
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> nice ex lbow by ksk
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> ksk is coming back
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> and AGAIN!
[10:41] <ArlyCam1> another EX elbow
[10:42] <ArlyCam1> but ko nails ksk with a returning gen’ei combo for the win
[10:42] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 KO
[10:42] <ArlyCam1> fuck this game is fast.
[10:42] <ArlyCam1> ksk closes in but ko gets a combo that gives MAD meter.
[10:42] <ArlyCam1> ksk is cornered during genei but ESCAPES with STOMP!!!
[10:42] <ArlyCam1> stomp is top tier
[10:42] <ArlyCam1> ko eats EX bitchslap
[10:42] <ArlyCam1> but ksk just eats a genei’ bombo
[10:42] <ArlyCam1> combo
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> and then KSK eats low fwd during jumpin
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> KSK slams down KO a
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> redparries combo and throws ko out of gen’ei
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> KO is STUNNED!
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> KSK takes round 2
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> ko builds meter
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> KSK AGAIN hits KO out of ko’s super with ex elbow
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> ksk is cornered
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> ko has meter AGAIN!
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> ksk blocks
[10:43] <ArlyCam1> gets grabbed into combo
[10:44] <ArlyCam1> ksk is in trouble here
[10:44] <ArlyCam1> eating jumping fierces
[10:44] <ArlyCam1> but gets reversal EX elbow!
[10:44] <ArlyCam1> ko jumps around
[10:44] <ArlyCam1> and gets PUNISHED!
[10:44] <ArlyCam1> ko NAILS KSK with gen’ei combo!
[10:44] <ArlyCam1> … if you haven’t figured it out
[10:44] <ArlyCam1> KO won. :slight_smile:
[10:44] <ArlyCam1> oh.
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> Daigo vs Ino.
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> Ino is MAKOTO! sa 2
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> ino does his psych tricks
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> lots of faked dash punches
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> nice ranging.
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> uhoh, he missed his dash punch cancel
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> daigo backs up
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> they’re even.
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> ino is spazzing out.
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> and eats an ex fireball.
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> daigpo eats axe
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> and a chop
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> and a throw
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> ino eats throw into ex fireball for the kill.
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 daigo.
[10:45] <ArlyCam1> close.
[10:46] <ArlyCam1> ino missed an ex axe kick. :frowning:
[10:46] <ArlyCam1> ino missed a good opp for a super.
[10:46] <ArlyCam1> threw instead of choke grabbed
[10:46] <ArlyCam1> ino is now nailed in corner by air spin into uppercut
[10:46] <ArlyCam1> and then supered
[10:46] <ArlyCam1> and daigo kills Ino with EX DP against his crossup attempt.
[10:46] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 Daigo.
[10:46] <ArlyCam1> ino gets first good pokes
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets psychic dp
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> even.
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> daigo READS the dash and gets low fwd to super
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> ino gets another psychic parry for DP
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> and kills ino with jumping JAB!!!
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> ino gets a throw in for round 2
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> gets dp’ed
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> daigo is on the defensive
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> gets axe kicked
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> ino eats low strong to super
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> even health now
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> ino eats another dp
[10:47] <ArlyCam1> ino fakes daigo out and KILLS HIM with ex chop!
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> 1-1
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> ino eats two throws.
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> daigo eats a poke.
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> daigo lands a low fwd to super.
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> ino is cornere!
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> and thrown again
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> uhoh.
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> ino attempts random sa 2 and is DP’ed!
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> Daigo wins!
[10:48] <ArlyCam1> ok! KSK vs Daigo!
[10:49] <exo-tech> wow. for ino to SA2 out of hope and pressure
[10:49] <exo-tech> O_o
[10:49] *** FMJgoUSA changes topic to ‘3s: KO>Ino|Daigo>Nuki|Hsien>Mopreme|KSK>Ricky|Daigo>Ricky|ino>hsien|Daigo>ino’
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> daigo reverses ksk’s rushdown with uppercut
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> poking and jumping
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> daigo closes in slowly
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> daigo lands low shorts to super.
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> ksk gets back in with a ex elbow
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> and a knee grab
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> but daigo is still in the lead
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> daigo closes in
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> ksk guilds meter
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> and ksk eats a fireball and dies.
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 daigo
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> daigo jumps in and gets thrown
[10:49] <ArlyCam1> ksk throws daigo and corners him
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> daigo throws ksk in corner
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> STOMP!
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> KSK parries DP!
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> into SUPER!
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> daigo is feeling it but gets a NICE super combo!
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> oh!
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> daigo baited the throw attempt but fucked up!
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> 1-1!
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> daigo is bulding meter, gets low strong to super!
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> ksk is stuck in corner at half health
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> gets out wit hex elbow
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> daigo rushes back in
[10:50] <ArlyCam1> daigo eats another ex elbow
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> ksk gets a NICE parry to elbow
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> oh! daigo counters stomp attempt
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> almost dead
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> daigo kills KSK’s ex elbow with jumping roundhouse.
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> hahaha, daigo thought it was over. next match
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 daigo.
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> ksk STOMPS!
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> daigo misses DP!
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets good pokes but no super to back it up.
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> STOMP!
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> ksk missed a grab.
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> and PARRIES DP!
[10:51] <ArlyCam1> BOOOOM!
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 KSK
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> daigo is closing in
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> ksk gets pked a few times
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets him with spinkick
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> ksk parries jumping and combos to ex knee grab
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> ksk throws twice and EX elbowss daigo!
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> daigo is in trouble.
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> ksk eats a DP!
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> daigo throws KSK and gets a low short to super right after
[10:52] <ArlyCam1> ksk missed a GOOD parry attempt for the win
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> and daigo wins with ex fireball.
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> 1-1
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets a few good shots in, ksk has fll meter.
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> daigo has none.
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> ksk gets ANOTHER ex elbow
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> into overhead into SUPER!
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> daigo is on the run!
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> ksk gets uppercutted!
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> stomp attempt.
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> daigo has meter.
[10:53] <ArlyCam1> Daigo kills KSK with low short to super.
[10:54] <ArlyCam1> Daigo advances to final.
[10:54] <ArlyCam1> FINAL MATCH
[10:54] <ArlyCam1> DAIGO vs KO
[10:54] <LawdNOEVO> wow
[10:54] <ArlyCam1> KSK had some GREAT opportunities there/
[10:54] <ArlyCam1> damn.
[10:54] *** FMJgoUSA changes topic to ‘3s: KO>Ino|Daigo>Nuki|Hsien>Mopreme|KSK>Ricky|Daigo>Ricky|ino>hsien|Daigo>ino|Daigo>KSK’
[10:54] <ArlyCam1> but he got desperate near the end and stuff.
[10:55] <ArlyCam1> ok! final match begins!
[10:55] <ArlyCam1> they’ve both picked their signature characters and the crowd rotos for KO!
[10:55] <ArlyCam1> daigo makes KO eat a few sweeps.
[10:55] <LawdNOEVO> gonna run home and watch beattribe/shirube KO/KSK footage
[10:55] <ArlyCam1> Daigo eats a chain combo, but NAILS ko’s air chain!
[10:55] <ArlyCam1> Ko eats super!
[10:55] <exo-tech> lol lawd
[10:55] <ArlyCam1> KO EATS a DP for round 1!
[10:55] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets a super on KO
[10:55] <ArlyCam1> ko gets slammed
[10:55] <ArlyCam1> and swept
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> ko corners daigo with gen’ei jin!
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> and another combo!
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> and another GEN’ei jin!
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> daigo is at ZERO!
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> and KO throws daigo for round 2!
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> strategy…
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> ko eats a dp and a poke
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> daigo parries low poke and kills ko
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> with super
[10:56] <ArlyCam1> …
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> wtf that was way too much damage. faster than i exspected.
[10:57] <soakrates> lol
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> fuuuuck.
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 daigo.
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> ko psyches out daigo and gets gen’ei jin
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> daigo is cornered
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> daigo corners ko but no damage.
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> daigo reverses with DP
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> ko is cornered,
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> but parries a n antiair on the WAY UP
[10:57] <LawdNOEVO> daigo hacked the dmg settings
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> KO eats two low shorts to super
[10:57] <ArlyCam1> and 1-0 daigo
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> daigo parries divekick, gets psychic low fwd to super
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> and another low fwd to uppercut
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> and ANOTHER UPPERCUT
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> and PARRY TO SUPER!
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> boom!
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> 2-0 daigo
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> DAIGO IS A BEAAAAST!
[10:58] <soakrates> on a tear
[10:58] <exo-tech> daigo = exploiting 3S mechanics
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> ko gets swept twice.
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> ko corners daigo
[10:58] <exo-tech> you all should learn that shit.
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> daigo parries jumpin
[10:58] <ArlyCam1> ko gets UPPERCUTTED out of gen’ei jin attempt!
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> daigo thwos ko into corner
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> dauigo is getting some SICK parries
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> and PSYCHIC DP! 1-0 daigo
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets a good dp in
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> and a super!
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> ko activates super
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> fakes daigo
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> nice combo!
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> daigo busts out!
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> ko throws diago into corner
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> ko misses throw
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> daigo eats random shoulder
[10:59] * exo-tech says – “make sure you all buy the EVO DVD”
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> daigo eats ANOTHER SA3 combo!
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> daigo is at zero
[10:59] <ArlyCam1> DESPERATION!
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> daigo tried EX DP, into super ko blocked for the win.
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> daigo nails ko into the cornmer
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> he’s on a ROLL!
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> daigo tried to counter kos SA3 with super but no good.
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> daigo is on corner
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> OH!!!
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> Daigo kills KO with EX air spinkciK!
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> first set to Daigo!
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> FINAL 3/5 MATCH!
[11:00] <ArlyCam1> daigo hacks damage settings again! =D
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> daigo throws ko to corner uh oh
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> ko gets a reversal
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> with sa 3
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> ko crosses up daigo
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> daigo’s on the defense
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> daigo gtets reset with SA 3 and DIES!
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> TAUNT!
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 ko
[11:01] <exo-tech> lol
[11:01] <exo-tech> [20:54:53] <@ArlyCam1> TAUNT!
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets sa 3
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> ko eats some pokes. ow
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> daigo is defending
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> eatins an SA 3 combo
[11:01] <ArlyCam1> oh! gets launched
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> ko NAILS DAIGO WITH SA3 FOR THE WIN!
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> into another taunt =D
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> ohhhhhh shit.
[11:02] * exo-tech twirls his cap
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 KO!
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> daigo rushes in
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> ko meets him and NAILS HIM WITH SA3 COMBO!
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> omhg
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> 50 % damage
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> OH!
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> daigo parries KO into super! EVEN!
[11:02] <ArlyCam1> ko is in corner, gets out
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets a meaty DP!
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> daigo missed redparry, tries DP, ko kills Daigo!
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 ko
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> OH!
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> ko starts with a gen’ei!
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> !!!
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> daigo eats 505
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> activated SE’EI!
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> daigo is depseratge!
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> ERR
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> …
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> KO wins!
[11:03] <ArlyCam1> damn i hit caps.
[11:03] <exo-tech> nice descriptions in that round
[11:03] <exo-tech> EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEI
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> hehehe
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> 2-0 ko
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> ko is thrown in corner
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> eats a meaty poke
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> and a DP!
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets psychic parry into super!
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> ko is almost dead!
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> daigo gets the DP for round 1!
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> daigo parries SA3 into his own super!
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> ko is again on defense
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> eats a DP!
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> eats ANOTHER DP! daigo takes it!
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> 2-1 ko
[11:04] <ArlyCam1> A+!
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> omg
[11:05] <soakrates> lol
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> crazy grade
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> ko starts with a good comb
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> daigo reverses with DP
[11:05] <exo-tech> daigo has a telepathic link to the machine when it comes to DPs
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> daigo eats a jumpin
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> even
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> ko gets sa 3
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> b ut fucks up
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> daigo throws ko into corner
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> ko gets a GOOD THROW!
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> 1-0 ko!
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> MATCH POINT!
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> LP!
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> err…
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> KO!
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> KO!
[11:05] <ArlyCam1> KO!
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> daigo blocks sa 3 and retaliates with dp
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> daigo has the lead
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> daigo throws KO
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> ko almost gets faked but reads it
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> he’s in the corner
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> ko has sa 3
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> and KO eats sa 3
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> OW! psychic FIERCE!
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> 1-1 !
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> daigo thwos KO!
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> OH! low fwd to DP!
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> ko almost has meter
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> daigo is poking KO!
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> daigo uses ex fireballs
[11:06] <ArlyCam1> daigo juggles KO out of the air awiht ex spin
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> daigo takes it
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> 2-2!
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> FINAL MATCH!
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> FINAL MATCH
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> DAIGO GETS DP!
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> ko is in corner
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> ko has him in corner
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> OH! gets SA 3
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> awww.
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> !!!
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> ko has daigo AGAIN!
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> daigo has 0 heath
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> daigo is wait…
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> waiting…
[11:07] <exo-tech> daigo and KO are gel’in like felons
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> ko activates
[11:07] <ArlyCam1> KO GETS THE POKE!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> match point KO!!!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo starts with ex spin to DP
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> and another dp to SUEPR!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> OWW!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> and ANOTHER SUPER!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> oh! no perfect.
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> DPED!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> 85 on timer!Q
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo is cornered!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> aww he missed his SA 3 combo!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo is feeling it
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> KO is building meter
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo cornered ko
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> but he’s ount
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> MORE METER!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo is frantically chasing
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo throws ex fireball
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> !
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> EI!
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> EI
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> !EI
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> !EI
[11:08] <ArlyCam1> daigo has some meter now
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> oh shit
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> shit
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> shit
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> ko has meter!
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> daigo waits…
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> eats an overhead
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> OHHHHHH!
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> KO WINS!!!
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> KO WINS!
[11:09] <soakrates> awwww
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> KO WINS!!!
[11:09] <exo-tech> DEATH FROM ABOVE SON!!!
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> instant reply
[11:09] *** FMJgoUSA changes topic to '‘3s: KO/Daigo/KSK/Ino/Hsien/Ricky’
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> while KO had sa 3
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> daigo did psychic kick super
[11:09] <ArlyCam1> but ko did a shoulder at the exact same time.
[11:10] <ArlyCam1> what happens? they’re both supers, they both cancelled each other, and then KO walked up for a throw.
[11:10] <KingArthu> 3-2
[11:10] <Cano2k> why people hating on daigo
[11:11] <Cano2k> -
[11:11] <KenjiO> daigo won 1st set
[11:11] <KingArthu> cuz he is GOD
[11:11] <KingArthu> and ppl love under dogs
[11:11] <Icege> Woot! KO!
[11:11] <burningKO> arly=my hero
[11:11] <Icege> That was crazy :slight_smile:
[11:11] <DSP> updated
[11:11] <BasicSD> thanks for the PBP arly!
[11:11] <mike_boy> sweet
[11:11] <kechu> nice commentry :slight_smile:
[11:11] <skirub> cool stuff
[11:11] <arjay> Arly, good job! =D
[11:11] <Cano2k> daigo still > ko
[11:11] <soakrates> yeah, good job
[11:11] <KakarotSS> thanks arly
[11:11] <skirub> good play by play, appreciate it
[11:11] <soakrates> you should look into a career in court stenography after this
[11:12] <skirub> arly kicks ass
[11:14] <SrWilson> 3s sounded good thanks for commentry Arly -you should say all that typing down a micrphone :wink:
[11:14] <kechu> daigo is my hero…
[11:14] <JWeEeZY> KO won
[11:14] <KakarotSS> KO
[11:14] <SrWilson> I knew KO would win
[11:14] <JWeEeZY> it was close tho
[11:15] <Hiko> ko wins the whole tournament?
[11:15] <SrWilson> yeah
[11:15] <kechu> “knew?”
[11:15] <daigoslef> it was so damn close
[11:15] <JWeEeZY> daigo won first set
[11:15] <SrWilson> had a feeling
[11:15] <SrWilson> :slight_smile:
[11:15] <JWeEeZY> and last set was 3-2
[11:15] <daigoslef> super and reuglar move collides
[11:15] <daigoslef> ko walks up throw
[11:15] <daigoslef> omgomgogmg
[11:15] <SrWilson> it sounds a damn good final
[11:15] <jide> how unluck was daigo
[11:15] <jide> i bet he still had the emotion less face
[11:15] <REALPLAYE> …
[11:15] <DDTM> what happened today?
[11:15] <DSP>
[11:15] <DSP> for info on everything
[11:15] <DSP> that you missed
[11:16] <JWeEeZY> ko beat daigo
[11:16] <DDTM> the “legendary SF player” lost?
[11:17] <daigoslef> damn how many times did Daigo taunt in his match with Ricky
[11:17] <daigoslef> god damn new record
[11:17] <REALPLAYE> i’m going to have sex, call me when t4 is over
[11:17] <kofman> i never seen daigo place in a 3s tourney much tho
[11:17] <|Nas|> he taunted during ricky’s match?
[11:17] <kofman> ko wins like all of them
[11:17] <daigoslef> many, many times, Nas
[11:17] <KOst> damn
[11:17] <|Nas|> lol
[11:18] <KOst> i want that fuckin evo dvd.
[11:18] <|Nas|> when he was down or after every DP?
[11:19] <DSP> so lets see
[11:19] <DSP> 3s, japs
[11:19] <DSP> xx, japs
[11:19] <DSP> cvs2…japs
[11:19] <daigoslef> there’s no one to challenge daigo in GGXX
[11:19] <daigoslef> that is his game 100%
[11:19] <DSP> i give daigo credit for playing ggxx
[11:19] <DSP> that shit is so bad
[11:19] <DSP> like
[11:19] <DSP> to transition over to ggxx from sf
[11:19] <DSP> is like
[11:19] <DSP> …
[11:19] <DSP> fmj
[11:21] <ArlyCam1> shit, i’m burnt from 3s, so i’ll take a short break. Buy the DVD. :slight_smile:
[11:21] <Usuegi> awww
[11:21] <ArlyCam1> sowwy
[11:21] <DSP> OWNED
[11:21] <DSP> OWNED UP
[11:22] *** ArlyCam1 is now known as ArlyX_x
[11:22] <ArlyX_x> 3s took a lot outta me
[11:22] <KOst> yes arly has wonderful commentary


lets give it up for arlycam! clap clap clap
i want dvd asap!

K.O was launched into the air by the crowd, cheering after he beat daigo. That match was almost as fun watching as Soo v Justin…almost :smiley:

ricky missing that red parry, oh man. It was in a heated moment, I was gonna have a heart attack, i thought for sure he’d go for the block, then do c.forward xx super. Oh man. i can’t stop saying ‘oh man’ it was so good.

Dammit I want to beat those fuckers that got judgement banned!!Ricky had that shit! Fair and fuckin square. Damn.

how many people entered 3s?

How is judgement fair? Someone explain me? Each time I see the judgement I think it is more like random to me.

Any Urien players?

Jive Out!

no cause they suck:p

See you at EVO2k4 chump biscuits. My Urien VS [insert character you pick here]. Of course, money games. You have 361 days to come up with an excuse why you can’t make it. :smiley:

EDIT: Ronin jocks your AV. Michelle jocks Uriens thong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jive Out!

i’ll be there. but i don’t play 3s. how about some cvs2?

CvS2? :confused:… I would be better off just mailing you the money, save us both the trouble.

Jive Out!