Street Fighter 3S or 2nd Impact Final Scores

Here’s mines
2nd IMpact, Shin Gouki beaten with Ibuki

3S, game beaten and stuff

Pictures taken in Chinatown Fair.

I’ve gotten MSF with Makoto…, but of course almost anybody can do that. :karate: But well done getting XS++, you used Denjin right?

Nice lights.

What were the CPU difficulties set to?

Set to level 8… It’s chinatown fair, everything is on the hardest level there. I also had 10 wins on that (from human players), but 10 wins isn’t enough to show off.

Nah nah, I never use Denjin or Shinshoryuken, I only use Shinkuu Hadouken.
I have a like 21-25 hit combo with Ryu that I do, that’s why I get high scores like that, plus I usually get like 5-10 perfects per game.

you can fight shin gouki in 2nd impact arcade version?

they really should move third strike to the cvs2 cabinet. its nice and dark back there, heck it’ll be 50 cents a game but at least its a huge face table for the sticks so there’s some elbow room.

hehe i’m finally able to survive on just 2 bucks for hours of play, i dont mind paying double to play.

Yeah, you have to get more than 2 perfects, and you can’t lose a round. Then when you get to Gill, Gouki will come out and raging demon him, and you fight Gouki instead… then you got to beat him either with a perfect, or with a super art finish… then you will fight Shin Gouki.

Oh yeah, you can fight him on Home OR Arcade version.

As for the 3rd Strike machine in CTF, I REALLY WISH they would give it a bigger cabinet, I’m tired of playing next to all those Alpha 3 whores and on such a small screen…

And Hey Leather Clad… guess who it is XD

yea yea i know u (NICE RYU). whats up Ant? u coming to cf wednesday afternoon?

You know, I’m ALMOST there everyday, because I have no life.
Man you should have been there this friday, every goold player was there, but for some reason, I was really getting my ass kicked… You know those times when I really suck a lot, well that’s what happened lol.

yea they were practicing for this sunday at the break. me being a broke bastard i cant use my money for practice and have to save for it…

did justin actually step away from tekken 5 to play?

u should come to the break on sunday going to be atleast 50 players for 3S. i’m taking the train and bus there… i leave in the morning… be nice to have someone who’s been there show me the way…

I’ve never ben to 8otB man lol, I’d love to go, let’s arrange a day to meet up for the next tourney, we’ll go as a team or something.
To be back on topic, check out my sick new scores, a lot of people tried to beat it that day, but failed.

(14 wins, blah, nothing.)

Is anyone trying to beat that, or does most of you not give a shit? I personally like scoring stuff so, like yeah lol.

wtf does MSF mean?

master street fighter. i’ll try to beat ur score… on my dc

who was the chun who got 15? that wasnt me right?

with Ryu u should at least get to 7 million before posting pics on the net…

most i got was about 4 mill with ken and a s++ or some shit like that but i didn’t really care i really wanted to play against a real person and after i beat like for no one else wanted to play me…

hater… MSF is a MSF

whats the lowest score u can have to get one?