Street Fighter 4 according to my girlfriend

  1. shoryuken = CHARLIE LUKEN!
  2. sagat is a pirate as is obvious from his eye patch and the boat stage
  3. seth’s sonic boom = SKIDDALY BOOO!
  4. bison is a magician


is your girlfriend 3 years old by any chance

wrong forum

HAH! My gf is just disgusted by Rufus. Bison as a Magician is a great mental image.

Have a seat over there.

i actually think of seth as saying “skiddly boo” now–which makes him so much less bad ass.


My guyfriend thought Sagat said fire truck whenever he did a tiger shot.

Sagat IS a butt pirate, she’s right on that one.

Pics of girlfriends or gtfo.


so freaken funny

the truth about sf4… is that akuma does NOT want you to die one thousand deaths… instead he says: “I want sausages!”

I think hates Rufus is going to be a general GF consensus. Mine hates when I use Rose because of her “gay scarf”.

oh god.

dude, it’s a shawl, c’mon.

Don’t let your woman insult the Shamwow.

I completely concur on that one. It cannot be unheard.

@ Parabellum - I will do what I can. But Vitamin P is a strong Rose counterpick.

Aint that the truth.


My gf is actually real.