Street Fighter 4 according to my girlfriend


You pulled some Weird Science bullshit?


Yeah it turned out a bit like that, unintentionally.

Basically I kept on lying about one on SRK, then a girl just climbed out of my pc screen.


Shit, I thought I was the only one!


congrats on having a g/f!


My wife actually finds Rufus quite amusing…


That was amazing:rofl:


My gf thought that Rose says “Soul fuck” >.>


With his Japanese voice on I’m convinced he says “Dinosaur!” when throwing a fireball.


My mother thought this after hearing me play SF Alpha 3 on my PSP for a good hour or so.
"I swear to God it sounds like she’s saying ‘Soul fuck’."
Me: Mother…what the hell?
Her: I’ve heard it a good couple of times now.
Me: This? does the motion of it
Her: Yes. That!

You can imagine my laughter.

In Japanese on SFIV, I always think it sounds like Sagat’s saying “Tiger show.” instead of Tiger shot. It’s now turned into something I hear my other half saying when a Sagat pops onto his screen “Time to put on a Tiger show.”


Cool story bro!




Remember for Cammy (MvC2): “Detroit Fuckers!”

and I swear I heard Charlie in Alpha 2 say,“I’m a playgirl centerfold!” while doing the somersault.