Street Fighter 4 AE for PC: How do I get in game?

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and new to fighters. I just got SSF4AE for PC on Steam, and I’m having a nooby issue. I start the game, the intro plays, and then the logo screen appears with text saying “Press start to continue.” I have tried all buttons I can think of to start, and none work. After a few seconds, the game shows a random match, then plays the intro again, then back to the logo screen, etc… How do I get into the game??? I couldn’t find anything else on this.


I think I heard something about the PC version having issues with certain keyboards. They are going to be releasing an update to fix the issue soon as well, along with improving compatibility with NVidia graphics cards. I wish I could help more, but I’ve only got it for the 360. Sorry.

Thanks. I read about the issue; I think it’s because my keyboard is wireless. Now to wait

at least its worth the wait!

VERY much worth the wait :slight_smile:

It is.

hey playerzero I’m new to SFIV whats your steam name mines ethan1341 we should get some games in

Also you should join this group.

I read that the title update/ patch is out. You should be able to play now.

steam name is PlayerZero_0

Sorry, the update is out for Games for Windows version only right now, but the Steam version is in the works and is supposed to be out soon.

yep. saw that :slight_smile: got a cheap usb keyboard to use, but it pretty much fails (or I suck) but I’m pretty sure the keyboard sucks because it can only register about 2 keys at once. Hoping to get a stick soon, but I’m having trouble finding a new Madcatz SE…