Street Fighter 4 AE Pc version crashes when i use my new fight stick


Thank you for taking the time to read, and hopefully, helping me find a solution.

Alright. So i went off to buy my first fight stick. I get a Hori HP3-109E (the one with the soul calibur 5 print). I got the PS3 Version because i think i might buy one in the future.

I come back home and i plug it to my PC. Windows 8 pro 64 bits. Windows recognizes the stick and all the buttons work on the “game controllers” menu under RAP.N3.

I start steam/street fighter 4 AE on the PC. I can’t navigate the menus with the stick so i pick up the xbox 360 controller and navigate to the controls section of the game. In the controls menu i find the RAP.N3 as a second controller but nothing is mapped. When i try to do so, the game crashes.

It crashes every single time i try to do that.

I tried using the x360ce.exe option. The program recognizes the stick and it has no problems creating the files to emulate a 360 controller. When i paste the config files on the SF4AE folder i then can’t launch the game without it crashing at the beginning.

I tried googling and searching possible solutions that could apply to my case but i’m just lost at this point. I would love some guidance from you guys.

Thanks for reading.


Thats just like the issue the game had one it first came out. Is your game fully up to date? Is this the steam version or retail?