Street fighter 4, and AE won't launch

Hello. I had both said games, Vanilla and AE working both since they were released. I’ve been playing on my ps3 a lot lately, but because of some game breaking psn glitch I have, I can’t play online ssf4 ae anymore, so I thought i would go back on my rig and play. I first tried to launch AE, and as soon as the window opened I got “fatal error” -1 and it crashed. I thought what the hell might as well play vanilla, So I start that, click launch no the small window, and as soon as the window pops up it simply stops responding.

Here are some things I have tried to use in attempt to fix my problem.
-I have restarted my computer multiple times
-I have launched skyrim and left4dead 2 multiple times on much higher settings than street fighter, no problems.
-I have reinstalled vanilla, the issue persists
-I have reinstalled GFWL, the issue persists.
-I have googled the problem but the only topics that came up were people who made their settings too high and crashed it.

I’m completely lost here, and any help is appreciated!


Sounds like you are missing ether a driver, dll, run time, library, or other sort of file that SF IV and SF IV AE is depending on.
Exactly what the file is you are lacking I do not know.

Make your you have Direct X installed and up to date.
Make sure all your run times are up to date as well.

I had a similar problem once all because there 1 game that required a very very specific Direct X 9 file that is not apart of the regular Direct X 9 installation.

I no question have directx up to date I play directx11 games all the time. Do you have any tips on where to find some odd specific files? This still doesn’t make any sense to me though, because I reinstalled sf4 already, and it worked 2 weeks ago, and in said time period all I have done is overclock my cpu .6ghz.

Thats good you have Direct X 11 up to date.

When it worked 2 weeks ago what changes have you made?
Also How did you overclock your CPU?

What file you could be missing, dunno, hard to tell as I don’t have the PC versions of those 2 games.

I haven’t changed any of the files (excluding reinstalling vanilla.) I don’t know what you mean by how, I just raised the FSB.