Street Fighter 4 and HD Remix @ Evo!

It is finally official. Evolution 2008 will have two of the newest games to hit the market. Street Fighter IV, which is brand spankin new, will be out in full force at the 10th anniversary of Evo. How many machines you ask? Every machine on the continent will be there! That is a crazy ton of Street Fighter.

But wait, theres more! In addition to the monstrosity of Street Fighter IV machines to be there, Capcom states that there will be the freshest builds of SSF2T HD Remix. This will be your chance to see what they have done after the beta and how the game is shaping up to be one of the best fighters of all time.

So dont delay, book your hotel reservations through the Tropicana, and register for the biggest event of the year!

Register for Evo Here.

first? yesss.

Good job wiz and the rest of the evo staff. Its appreciated.







can capcom drop like 20k on marvel prizes???

This is above and beyond anything I ever imagined. 08 IS THE YEAR!

Thank you Joey and the rest of the Evo staff. This is going to be an unforgettable event.

Looks like I’m going to Evo…

Fuck yeah!!! You are a saint Joey!!!

Just registered, im ready to go !

:open_mouth: O: SOOO HAPPY IM crying ; ;

thats pretty awesome, good work wiz

Awesome! :tup:

How about gathering some top players and having some exhibition matches in both games, see what kind of tricks they’ll come up with. I think that would be nice.

my inability to attend is getting worse and worse.

Good stuff, I wonder how the SSF2THDR build is going to be like. Wish they would release it already.

that’s a really long way to put it… what happened to just STHD?

Tons of SF4 machines + the latest HD? Sounds like fun! :tup:

So is there still crazy speculation of another game being at evo?

there is and it should be announced next week

they should hold a tourney for sf4, and since no one knows the game well enough yet for the tourney to mean much they should give the pot to SBO qualifiers.

Im registered :slight_smile: