Street Fighter 4 and Television type

I used the search function, and found very vague information on this matter. I was playing SSF4 over at a friend’s house and noticed I had an extremely hard time doing BnBs that I never miss with Ryu. After hours of lost sleep, the only explaination I could come up with was the difference in television. The television I was playing on over at a friend’s house was a LED-LCD TV with a 600hz refresh rate, and that the television I normally play on at home only has 60hz.

My question is… Does the type of tv have an effect on how SSF4 is played???

TV has everything to do with miss combos (sarcasm).

You have better luck with finding the answer here.


TV has everything to do with miss combos (no sarcasm). HDTV lag varies from brand to brand and varies depending on the resolution (1080i will lag more than 720p). Since you losing sleep over it, I guessing you got clowned by your friends by losing at his house so I suggest playing it on a CRT next time.

Of course TV caused missed combos, but TV does not have everything to do with missed combos. Plenty of people have failed blind lag test at tournaments. Missed combos can be because of tv, execution, or just being mind fucked (zoning out during a match).

Yes an no. If you are playing on a laggy TV then you will just need to accommodate this by not relying upon visual indicators when preforming your combos. TV lag has a more profound effect on things which require a visual indicator, such as teching and block strings.

muscle memory ftw

Play on a CRT. Thread over.

or a 1k 40 inch samsung lcd that takes up less room than a 20 inch CRT tv. i got my PC hooked up to that baby too. i blame the missed combos tho on myself because i cant even do em in the training room right hehe. :slight_smile: