Street Fighter 4 Arcade Stick(HORI) Xbox - Drivers?


Does anyone know if this stick will work for PC?
Or is there a drivers for it that enables you to place on a PC?
I tried just plugging it in but it doesn’t seem to work at all with GGPO and such.
I tried looking for any drivers for it online but no results at all.
Please help.
Thank you!


does a regular xbox 360 controller work on your pc?

if not you need drivers


Found it.
But cannot install it.
My comp requires XP SP1 and up.
But if I upgrade to anything higher than SP1, my comp does not start up anymore.
So yea, so fucking gay and I’m screwed =’(


Did you search Windows Update for drivers when you plugged the stick in? The 360 controllers are like the one device in which that functionality has actually worked for me.


Without sp2, quite a few things will give you problems these days. If you can’t update your computer to sp2 with out it crashing on boot up, you have bigger problems than your stick not working with it.


You have much larger problems than your stick not working. I’d strongly recommend either lighting your computer on fire or formatting.


Yeah. I think Imma just go with Vista or Windows 7.
I’m sick of my comp not even able to boot up after installing SP2.

Does reformatting to Vista or Windows 7(coming out soon?? idk) even require getting XP SP1, SP2, SP3, etc… ??
Or can I just bypass all that crap?


Formatting your drive bypasses everything.

What are the specs on your system? If you are having problems getting sp2 to run, Vista or Win 7 might be a problem too.


Windows Vista nor 7 depend on XP, they’re completely independent.
I’m not entirely sure that its the hardware thats giving him problems (I’d be interested to see it too though) it’s possible that software in some form is giving him problems, Windows XP with no system packs is an absolute nightmare.



Yeah, I wonder myself wtf is the real problem.
I have and own a real copy of Windows XP Home Edition too!
And all the updates and such, I’m getting it directly from the Microsoft site.

Oh and my specs I’m running atm is:

Windows XP - No service pack at all. Surprisenly, I really have no problems running softwares and such with no SP. It’s just certain games or programs won’t work. But its nothing major or major programs I need anyways.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
2.20 GHz
ATI Radeon HD 4670 - 1GB Vid Card

20GB Master Hard Drive - I just use this to run Windows on it, thats all.
250GB Slave Hard Drive, but it only gives me roughly half, so… 130GB. I use this HD for all my storage.

Side note: I tried asking a close friend of mines awhile back and he suggested maybe getting a newer HD and try running Windows on it with all the SP and see how that goes. Maybe its the shit 20GB I’m using just to run Windows on thats giving me this major problems??




Since the design of the Hori SfIV controller is similar to the Hori Ex 2
I’m assuming this may help you:
Check that out and let me know.


Thanks alot but the " Windows XP Xbox 360 Driver(Latest) " link doesn’t work at all.
So I didn’t bother going on downloading the rest of the stuff from there.


I’d definitely focus on getting your windows updated before trying to even mess with the stick.

Are you sure you don’t have a virus or something? Have you done a full system scan? Do you get an error message on boot up when you do have SP2 installed?


Your computer actually wont boot after a SP update? You have a serious problem somewhere that doesnt make any sense. Instead of replacing the 20GB with a brand new one, why is your slave drive only giving you half the space? Why not just convert it to your primary Hard Drive and have two partitions. One for your Windows installation and one for backup.

Without any real depth into the problem its hard to determine a solution, but simply upgrading to SP2 shouldnt stop your OS from booting. I used a 20GB HDD for many years with XP SP2 and had no problems.


No virus at all.
Basically when Windows tells me it has to reboot to complete the installation then when the comp reboots, it goes into that black Windows loading screen(with the loading bar underneath), then it goes back to trying to reboot. And it just keeps repeating that process over and over and over, etc…
Windows doesn’t reboot back up to it’s normal process at all.
I am stuck seeing that screen over and over forever! :wow:


That Slave HD has been giving me half the space for couple of years now.
It has something to do with the ATI cables or something.
If I were to try and get the full 250GB, I would have to back up ALOOOOT of crap.
Maybe in the long run I will consider that OR when I get a 3rd HD or something.
I already used up about 95% of that HD, so backing up all that crap would take forever :wow:


you should get it updated to sp3, the drivers are inside sp3