Street Fighter 4 At San francisco Statw

Hey guys i live in san francisco and i wanna play sf4 as much as possible and i was wondering when was a good time to go up there and game? Im trying to play as many people as possible so please let me kno when and if im not in school ill be rite up there.

Yo, what up man, me and my roomate where playin you tonight! Hit me up with a message or call Rival whenever you wanna game.

I’m heading to rack’n’cue mostly for SF4, but maybe a little 3S/CVS2/Marvel if it’s slow. Come face the real Drunken Boxer!!


when the fuck do u guys play? i almost can buy my car, so i can make frequent trips on random saturdays and shiettttt. holla

Yo wuddup! I just got off the phone with A and he said thursday at 6 so ill be there ima try to get up there before then to so i can work on a few things but im looking forward to playing with you guys again

Yo Magnus, saturdays is gonna be the big SF4 day on the weekend. Hopefully you guys won’t flake and actually make it out!

WolfGang if there’s not many people at the arcade when you go, don’t be afraid to go to beginning mode so you can practice combos on the CPU and get more out of your 75 cents.

Yea definitely ive been trying to do that but theres alot of ppl up there usually so ill try to go 2moro and see if i can get some training in. Which system you guys getting it for?

360 for sure

Im thinkin about getting it for 360 too becuz they have better online play. Do u kno alot of ppl that are gonna get it for 360?

ps3 for the win!!!

guess i’ll be playing your bison (if you’re sticking with him) a lot. can’t wait!!!

haha . mite get a lil taste of sum fei long action as well:nono: