Street Fighter 4/ Blazblue Tournament 9/20/09 Fresno Ca

Hey guys this my first time doing it so let me know what i still need to put up. Since its still small so i’ll have 3 setups. 2 PS3 and 1 Xbox 360. Registration time starts at 12pm and tourney starts at 2pm. The owner will also be selling food from his BBQing.

Tournament Rules.
Street Fighter 4 Entree fee $8. $5 goes to pot and $3 goes to venue fee. Blazblue entree fee will be $6. $5 goes to pot $1 goes to venue fee.
Its also next to a grocery store so you can go next door to buy whatever drinks you want and best part is its an asian store so more variety of drinks.

Location is located on the corner of Chestnut and Belmont.
4789 E Madison Ave #B
Fresno Ca 93702

1.Double Elimination
2.Winner Final/Loser Final/Grand Final are all 3 out of 5 matches.
3.BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller/Stick) We’ll have some provided as well
4.Prize will be given out 70/20/10 %.

The fresno crew already has atleast 30 ppl entering already.
Again this is just for fun and to promote the store cus of grand opening for tatoo and Card Design. The flyer will come later I think.

fresno…i haven’t been there in hella long. we’ll see wsup

Winner gets to tattoo Kaizer! Any random design! Must include at least 3 dicks!

lol Mike. You should check his art too if u decided to do it. at least a dick hehe j/k.

im there!!!

more free money?! o_0

alright my boy ryan, bring the gang with you fool. i’ll see all you guys down here then.


and kaiser, ill get the stick today for sure! lol

i’ll be there. i’ve switched to ryu and sagat so i’ll see how i do this time. jeff, we need to money match $5 bucks haha ryu vs ryu.

we can also money match. $10 bucks first to 5.

getbuzzin, money match me also okie :slight_smile:

anyone from vallejo coming up to this? :wonder: can i get a ride from from you? hahaha

Interesting. Cage 5 Designs is gonna be packed to shit.

Just a question or two-

So since i have an xbox 360 only stick and im interested in both blazblue and SF4, will there be any dilemmas in participating in both?

and any estimated tourney end time?


We’ll be having 3 set ups or maybe more if theres people bringing theres also. But for fact we are running 2 setup of sf4 on a ps3 and 360.

the other ps3 will be for BB. The end time, it depends if theres lots of people or not but for sure it’ll take at least 3-4 hours. Thats how Tournament usually end anyways.

YES!!! I’m there

Oh yeah, I’ve recently started tattooin’ so let me know if u need tips on giving kaizer his penis tattoos

nice, and I’m looking forward to the BB tournament as well.


very good turn out everyone and thanks for coming. Hope you guys enjoy the time u were there cus next month it’ll be better and funner with more people and more stuff going on. GGS everyone.