Street Fighter 4 Complete


Alex, Urien, Q, Remy, Necro, Oro, Gill, Sodom, Karin, R.Mika, Birdie… Am I missing anyone?

Haggar, Final Fight 3 chick, Dude w/ the sticks, guy from Rival Schools, if you’re anal. That wierd chick from Fighting Jam, what’s her face. Looks like an SNK character or whatever.

Anyways, they’ve come this far, why not just finish the job and put every damn character in the game that ever was. I would consider the first 11 enough.

I want SF5 but at the same time, were so damn close to a complete cast, why not? Maybe the games can be concurrent, idk. Cause let’s face it, Hugo’s broken so there will have to be a balance patch anyway (just kidding).

Oh and SF EX doesn’t count/isn’t a true SF series (sorry), so don’t bring it up. It’s a shitty series and a shitty cast.


I was kidding about SF EX being shitty. I’ve actually never even played it! It was just a joke so please don’t down vote my thread based on that comment.


I have no idea what the point of this is.

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