Street Fighter 4 Farewell Thread

I didn’t know whether to start this now or when SF5 actually releases. But with the end of the Capcom Cup, so possibly ends the last huge tournament with SF4 as the spotlight. That’s it. Pretty soon everyone will be playing and streaming SF5. This thread is for people to voice their farewells, list their fond memories and experiences in SF4, how it’s impacted them, and anything else they would like to say to get closure.

I’ll start by saying that SF4 has simply been my favorite game in my life. I will miss it dearly.

I have been member of this forum for only a few months as i am fairly new to fighting games and the one game that got me introduced is USF4.As a casual gamer sf4 was the game that posed the biggest challenge on me in terms of technical/executional capacity and the one that demanded the dedication to learn entirely new things and practice on a daily basis to even ‘‘play’’ and enjoy the game.I distinctly remember doing my first fadc ultra combo with Ryu, something that was impossible for me at first but i saw for myself what “muscle memory” is all about.Im sure most of these things have been repeated many times by people like me in this forum but i wanted to emphasize that this game (and other fgs) makes you reach your limits and improve yourself and is only by dedication that you achieve these goals.It’s like a digital simulation of a martial art where the practitioner strives to get better with a strict training regime to improve attributes such as reflexes,execution,reading opponents etc.I think that could also teach people that devotion and hard work will help you accomplish your goals irl.Last but not least I want to say a big thanks to the members of this forum and the fgc by extension who have helped people get into the world of fgs by making tutorials,videos and sharing their knowledge about the game in a non profit way thus exceeding by far any other attempts by game companies.I had a ton of fun playing the game and watching streams of big tournaments and I hope that this will also be the case in SFV.

People still play SF 2, SF Alpha and SF 3… People will still be playing SF 4 (not as much…)

I’ll still try to play it, thankfully we have another SF in the catalog to enjoy.

I wish they would bring SF 2 HD and 3 to PSN and Steam though.

You realize there is still going to be a larger chunk of SFIV players than Alpha, SF2 or … 3S Right? I’m willing to bet we will still have more USFIV players than ST/3S combined at events

Did you forget how many people arrived into the FGC because of SFIV? A lot more than any of those other games could have possibly brought. There are players that hated 4 and tried to keep their community’s going in ST/3S. There will be more that hate 5 there be more that love 5. The fact is there are just much MORE players

They arent going to suddenly vanish and people will still enter USFIV at Final Round etc…

at Summer Jam there seemed to be about 50 3s players and less ST players, so my guess is you only have to beat ~80 for this to be true!

Good riddance to this pile of over-hyped shit. If it had a grave stone I’d take a shit all over it.

I agree with above. It almost made me quit fighting games after being active since the beginning. I’m still largely inactive. It may have brought a lot of new blood but jesus fuck, 80% of these people must have never left the house outside a tournament. These type of people couldnt have been in the game scene when it was arcades, they wouldnt have lasted. And honestly I hate being around these kind of people.

But more than that, I just hate SFIV because it plays like its underwater, and its too goofy. Not going to touch anything goofy in SFV, but it plays more solidly so far.

farewell shit game I never really played enough

won’t miss at all

I’ve on played Vanilla SFIV in some German events and then ended up owning SSFIV:AE. Played it for a few months… and came running back to KOF98 and Tekken shortly afterwards. Periodically, tried to play again over time but no dice as just wasn’t my kind of game. The only thing that I can thank SFIV for is the fact that I met two close friends in Europe through this game. Shout outs to my battle buddies Ocelot (plays a pretty good Oni, as well as a few other characters. Ironically, he doesn’t even like the character that much or even the game… and neither do I) and Lobster…

SF4 can:

It may have brought me back to the genre and enlightened me to the competitive scene, but honestly? I won’t miss SF4 one bit. The more I learned about how this and other fighters worked, the more SF4’s mechanic’s would just piss me off every time I loaded it up.

R.I.P and good riddence. -.-7

Babai SF4. I’ll probably miss you on occasion, fire you up for old times sake, eat a focus attack, and then remember the problems I have with the game before I go back to playing something else.

It was mostly a good ride. Ridden with bad walkspeeds, focus attacks and weird hitboxes, but a mostly good ride nevertheless.

You know I had my problems with SFIV but honestly I never put enough time into getting good to really whine much

I bought all the versions and would play for like a week try all the new stuff gather like 2000pp then settle down

thinking back I should have put like at least more time into it, if I could I would

But I always had a soft spot for the vs games specially mvc2 and all the other crappy ones before it and KOF97, games which I still prefer over others. Coming into Street Fighter V I feel like history repeats itself I like stream monstering here and there but, due to life and crap it’s obviously not gonna be the same this time around

Honestly it was nice seeing all the things that came out of this generation documentaries like I got Next and things like the Excellent Adventures

In a way I wanted them to succeed more than I really cared about the game

As a spectator it has gotten kinda stale(for me) I expect to pick up V but will probably end up playing KOFXIV more, but hopefully people that like the game do keep on playing after all it’s not all about that $$$$ right??

I wish kof14 looked like the fake kof14 game from china.
Sf4 rebooted the series and brought a lot of folks back for a year then it died then super brought it back for most for 2 years then ultra lasted about 2 years. The dlc is what kept it going imo.

Arcade edition was the best time for me. i was a promising dudley player that was winning back-to-back and having a good time playing sf4 i even used to think sf4 was better than 3rd strike (sue me) but toward the end of that and arcade edition and with ultra coming out i had jumped on the wagon thinking “hey i was hot during arcade edition i’m sure i’d be even hotter at ultra” ultra came and only people playing were top 900 and lower and i got bodied alot i had redraw from sf4 and came back early this year now i either get bodied or taunted alot and soon after i started to realize i hated sf4 and now i play it the least out of all my fighting games…makes me glad sfv coming so i can have a fresh start

Eh, I didn’t really get too much into SF4 (more of a 3rd Strike kinda guy), so I won’t miss the game much, if at all. SF4 tournaments were fun to watch at times, and I respect the fact that the game brought new blood to the FGC, but that’s about it. SFV looks far more interesting to me for a myriad of reasons, and I’m eagerly waiting for that to drop next year.

People still play fighters that are older than dirt. This year’s EVO had fucking Melee of all things. Super Turbo and 3rd Strike are still played, albeit not in as wide an arena as has hosted them in the past. I personally don’t much care for any incarnation of Street Fighter IV, but if it disappears altogether from the competitive scene when Street Fighter V drops in February, then that just means that I’m not as much of a minority as I thought.

I’m more worried about the future of 3s than sf4. 4 will be fine for years still. If SF5 drawns in even 1/3 of the 3s American community it would be a disaster for the game’s longevity. 3s is alive in America but it isn’t huge and isn’t going to grow from what it currently is. Any losses will hurt significantly. SF4 has so many people who enjoy the game that I think it’ll definitely exist for years more. If not as an official tournament game then definitely as a vibrant side game.

My guess is. SF5 turns out to be bad and there will be more people playing USF4 in EVO next year lol