Street Fighter 4 Farewell Thread


Please tell me that these tears in their eyes and mashed uppercut kind of niggas know they don’t have to stop playing just because a new game came out.

The game is on the same console as the next release. You don’t have to say farewell to shit.

Try being an ST player.

You can’t.

There ain’t no port.


Fuck Street Fighter IV, i’m done with this dumb game, game’s dead.


I’ve put more hours into this game than anything else. I really never expected the SF4 series to become so much a part of my normal everyday life. This is the end of an era. A really good era!


There is so much I hate about this game that I’d rather not post a novel on here. TL;DR: Game is shit and isn’t very rewarding. It also has the distinction of being the only fighting game that get’s me incredibly salty EVEN WHEN I’M CONSISTENTLY WINNING. An amazing accomplishment, to be honest.


I’m getting a PC. I’m playing SFV. I’ve tried so hard to like USF4. I just can’t. I’m inclined to like it, because in concept it’s awesome! 44 characters, everyone gets a shot at awesome combos, you get two meters filled in different ways creating an interesting meta, a universal attack with a multitude of purposes, it sounds great. Then you go online.


Kicked out of EVO. Yep.



Well, there’s HD Remix. But that’s HD Remix…


KBrad going straight SAVAGE on the people responsible for removing SFIV from Evo’s main line up. They will have their day in court.


Lol never thought K-Brad was so passionate about the game. I mean he’s not particularly impressing or anything.


KBrad afraid he gon become the washed up veterans of SF4. Like John Choi and Afrocole with ST, or 5Star and DevilJin01 in 3S.


Not my GIF.


Kbrad should stop bitching. If you could tolerate, and LEARN HOW TO USE DECAPRE OF ALL PEOPLE then you get a golden sticker and automatically can just breeze through any fighting game :frowning:
How can you master a character like that and complain that 5 is too easy?


Whoa! @DevilJin01 , I had no idea you were at Evo before!


1st that’s more than a week of just playing this game straight. way too much for a game you don’t enjoy.

2nd i played sf the movie the game in the arcade when it came out. so let’s calm down on the ‘worst street fighter ever’ talk.

it can be argued that the forums never recovered. the high level discussion never returned en masse. there is more action in closing ‘what stick should i buy’ threads in the newbie forum than any character forum and it doesn’t seem like those days are ever coming back.

there are some things that i like about the 4 series. for me it felt like the more i learned about it, the less i liked it. which is the opposite learning curve that i felt for a3, st, mvc2 and cvs2. the endless pandering to the lower levels of play and thought left the game open to exploits and strategies that don’t resemble the street fighter that i know and love. so while i am happy to see something new come, i am also interested to see what comes of the game when we are not so focused on it.


The game will still be around and lots of people will still play it. Just look at ST and 3S as examples for it being done before. No spotlight for sure, but still having a presence and a following.


I wonder how many resources are filled by 4 staying online.


Opinions are so polarized. The last games I played hard were Sf2, ssf2 and Snk’s samurai shodown (all 5) and last blade. I came back 15 years later to play USF4 and the game seems very good to me.

Pardon my ignorance, but what’s the problem with USF4?

I’ve heard people complaining about focus, fadc, 1 frame, os and too many chars (!?). Is that it?


I’ve never really had a problem with the game. Every strategy seems to have a counter (though OS and fa cancelling invincible reversals are strong, but not game breaking). It was way worse when unblockabkes were everywhere. Most matchups can be compared to other matchups in terms of how moves are supposed to be punished and what you’re supposed to do on wake-up with some exceptions of course, so having too many characters isn’t an issue for me.

The only thing I would change would be to reduce the input window slightly, and add some sort of alpha counter move. Then finish out the roster with the rest of the alpha and 3S characters, and maybe add the SF1 characters. Then let the game stew for another 5 years.


Good bye to your shitty ass mechanics, scrub helping bullshit that is SF4. Im never ever going back.