Street fighter 4 for pc?

i know the fight sticks work for pc and all, so when is sf4 coming out for pc sorry if this was already covered

Beginning of June.

July 2 Japan
July 7 US



June 26 - Europe

sweet! all the xbl and psn is jumping onto PC! xD

how you know? is there an announcement for that?

Pre-order. | Due for release on 26/06/2009

Bundled with fightpad…
Ive got a question.
I live in the Netherlands, I want to buy a bundle through Capcom Store, I will end up paying about $70(about 50), is that all I have to pay, then just wait for the post?
Or will I have to pay 19% VAT at the door?

Thanks man

i sooooo hope this game will run on my laptop… i don’t care about the graphics…

i just care about it running on the laptop… so i can bring it to work with my TE and play while on the night shift :smiley:

In case anyone hasn’t yet heard, it will be out on Steam with no Securom. Only the Steam DRM.

Yeah I’m buying it via Steam

I highly doubt that Europe is getting it first.

so do both te sticks for pc this may be a dumb question?

what’s that question again?

yea its just a matter of drivers…

oops i mean do they both work the the pc? if i have a xbox stick and a ps3 te stick, i can use both on my sf4 pc game on the same computer?

or drivers? where do u get them?

the sticks doesnt come with any software

see my bro is going over seas and hes taking his laptop with him, but not the ps3 i have both se fight sticks xbox and ps3 im thinking about giving him one to take

the TE’s are to big of course, something small just to use over there in iraq wen he has off time

What do these mean then?

I always use that for releases. Nerds update it all the time.

Both the SE and TE should work on the PC (Vista/XP) as plug n play. I know the TE i used did.