Street fighter 4 for pc?

Does anyone knows if i buy the Retail game with pad bundle, i’ll be able to register my game to steam?
Im saying because i have some credit card issues and i really want to play via steam.

any hopes of a OS X release? :frowning:

they said there are no plans for a Mac release due to the economics.

I asked this on Capcomunity forums, Sven(capcom) responded they are separate…Retail version sticks with SecuROM, you can not enter the key in Steam.
Too bad. But you can still add the icon to Steam you know…once you installed the retail version.

I referenced the Europe release date at,, and… but yeah it would be possible that the European version will not be released first (probably be released within a day or two after the US release).

The only Capcom PC game that was released in Europe first, AFAIK, is Resident Evil 4… the US release was more than two months afterward. However, Ubisoft was distributing the game for Capcom at that time.

Europe isn’t getting a store release, they only get the downloadable version:

oh, thanks for the reply.
That’s some bad news =(, i only have heard but bad things about SecuROM

Edit: now that i think about it, the community will be separated =/, that sucks.

Is the release date on steam the same as the in store one for europe??


Edit, N/M, just been answer lol

Ugh, you mean no retail disc in EU stores? or no bundle in EU stores?
it aint so clear in Svens blog, hope youre wrong.

i dont think so, every player will use Games For Windows Live to play online, so its 1 big community =]

The bundle is the only retail version. You have two choices:

  1. $39.99 downloaded off of capcom estore or steam or whatever
  2. Retail version is the bundle for $59.99 and only available in NA.

sweet, new opponents!

my pc is hooked up to my 40" lcd which i normally play on anyway, so it’ll be identical to playing on my xbox, woohoo

i got 2 TE’s waiting for SFIV on the pc and frankly i dont want or need a pad, but the bundle makes perfect sense for those that wanna play SFIV that have no sticks or even a pad, most pc users use there mouse and keyboard for most games, and a few use the 360 pad or like myself i used to use a few ps2 pads with a convertor.

so the bundle gets a thumbs up.

really and truelly the game and how they implement the online aspect of it . is far more important, replays button press’s during replys, custom tournalmets with invited players only, lobby system.

recording of matchs whether it be online /offline they really need ot focus on these points, implementing a music replacer in the game as i am really tired of the soundtrack on console, i wanna play my mp3’s some of that retro stuff, etc

What about the phrase at the very start of Sven post that says:
“Obviously, Street Fighter IV PC will be available at retail on a normal Games for Windows DVD at retail for $39.99 (shipping in the US on July 7th).” ?

does ps3 not have the features 360 has? i can mute the soundtracks and run mp3’s thru windows media streamed from my pc or straight off ipods/usb drives n what not. but the music never bothered me to do it.

you cant listen to custom mp3’s when playing online in the ps3 version which is ridiculous, but i want some sort of music player built into the interface of sFIV in pc, i dont want to be running Windows media player or somethign else, i wanna be able to switch songs in game.

My bad, misread it. Either way, my original point remais, Europe isn’t getting an in-store release.

should work on your laptop, i’m playing ssf2 new challengers on mine, low graphics, but it works…I’m thinking of getting this too, i have xbox vers. I hope I don’t get a lag i have a vaio, 4 gb ram Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00 ghz

I hope my shiet don’t crash, i spent good money on this laptop and don’t wanna lose it :sad:

why the heck would it crash. 2ghz and 4gb ram is more then enough to play a few games. prolly most important thing you didn’t post what u have is a video card. but with those parts it would be hard to believe you have anything short of good


If they were smart, the music would be in mp3 form in the install folder and would be swappable