Street fighter 4 for pc?

I’ve had the retail version preordered for ages, but I’ll definitely go with Steam instead. I love taking games with me wherever I go on my laptop.

Like duuuude I totally linked that on page 1! :shy:

That gamepade deal is killer. I kind of want to but the 60 dollar pack but I wont use the pad much…but it’s such a good deal :frowning: Oh well, I’ll just do the windows live gaming cd-key trick kekeke

Yeah I know. I also didn’t know there was a second page, so I was trying to reply to the dude on the first one. I already deleted my post though. It’s 4 am. I should go to bed. :wonder:

I was just breakin your balls. It’s not a big deal, buddy.

so will the fight pads work for the pc?

xbox or ps3 fight pads? im assuming they will since they are giving them away with the pc game, i cant see the pic on the links you guys posted, but the ps3 wireless 2.4 ghz works? thats kick ass

and in washington state we get fight pads in local best buys here and there, and they have been showing up alot in fry’s electronics

It’s pretty obvious that since the Madcatz sticks will work, the pads will too. The pack-in seems to be an Xbox 360 pad.

PC release means more opponents for us XBOXers … too bad for the PSNers hahahwhaw

Err, you are mistaken. Very few PC games support cross-platform play. I haven’t read anything about this game allowing it.

no store release in europe?WHAAAAAAAT!!!
i suppose its no bundle store release. But no gamedisc store release…lol
I gotta confirm that at Sven! I do believe his last paragraph refers to the previous one (about the bundle), even in his comment page 4, he apologies for European retailers not wanting to order the BUNDLE.

I still believe Europe will get retail store release (only the game, not bundle).
But we will see.:wink:

Hopefully the GGPO guys jump on this.

It’s not cross platform.
Scroll down to Sven’s post.

someone on best buy said this crashed on them…im just hoping mine doesn’t do the same, running pretty good now. It’s on vista so who knows what might happen. well display driver says mobile intel 4 series. I’m good to go then, can’t waitt…

the bundle is on now

does anyone know which pad comes with the bundle? wired or wireless? which character? it doesnt seem to specify

“The Fight Pad is the exact same as the Xbox 360 fight pad that is sold separately (Ryu design only)”

wow, I hope the PC version is arcade perfect in graphics! (i.e. moving VS. sign, destructible objects in balrog’s stage, better coloring, sharper image, better shadowing). Or at least give us the option to enable all of this! Since the Arcade is a E6400, with 2GB of RAM and a 7900GS, I hope they enable this!

thanks man im good ill just preorder the game now!

That’s incorrect:

Sven commented that the regular bundle will be available in retail in Europe, but not the bundle.

I can’t be held accountable for my previous statements if he changed the facts afterwards :P.

so im not really a pc gamer, i never was, my question is can you buy 1 copy of this game and use it for 2 computers? i mean can u just download the game to you computer? or does it always have to be in to play it?

also can you burn it , if you cant just buy one version?