Street Fighter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS

According to a recent Kotaku post, the Nintendo 3DS is getting Street Fighter IV. I’m GUESSING it’ll be Super SFIV at this point, mind you, unless there’re too many fighters in there for the portable console to handle.

Either way, here:

EDIT: Lost Fragment and Nintendo’s own PDF says it’s Super SFIV 3D edition:

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What do y’all think?

I think it will be shit lol.

People will be throwing their 3DS when they lose. What a great rage quit. Smart move Nintendo! That way people will buy MORE 3DS’!

Yeah there isn’t really that much you can do with 3D in a 2D fighting game, unless they actually make Street Fighter 3D. All I can see them doing is making lengthy 3D ultra sequences.

Oh man, I’m definitely getting it. Can’t wait to see Rufus gut wobble in 3D.

Dual modded sticks? More like triple modded sticks.

It’s super.

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In before “I can’t use a stick to play it so they shouldn’t make it at all fuuuu” rage.

less shit portable ports more good console ports plz

Whoops! Quite right. OP amended!

Ssf4 3d???

I am neither hyping nor dissing this until I get more info. Nintendo have a way of surprising people, and Capcom is Capcom. Say what you will, but I will wait until there is more evidence to formulate an opinion.

Last hand held I’ve ever owned was the original game boy, lol. This may a good reason to get the 3DS. We shall see.

Isn’t there a small stick in the top left hand corner of the device? Lower screen with the rest of the controls obviously. Looked really small, but definitely like a stick.

It also mentioned Starfox. I’m happy.

Now I’ll have an excuse to bring SSFIV everywhere with me, even the toilet. Granted some asshole doesn’t drop my 3DS in there. :chainsaw:

Well, too bad we can’t get a PC release for Super, but 3DS version is the next best thang!

While not so sure about this game on the 3DS, the system itself looks like it’ll be cool.

I am planning to wait for reviews of the game before I go buy, but I would seriously be willing to drop $250 total on a portable SFIV option. Love this game to death. IF (huge IF) it supports Wifi play as well, completely sold.

If it had BT and/or the option to build an external fight stick… (dreaming huge here) damn…

However, would prefer a PSP GO version, which already supports external controllers.

Dude, i’m getting 3DS and this game the second they come out omg greatest thing ever.

Looks early! I’m getting it, certainly. I’d love to play it on the bus. Yes.

Cammy intro in 3D…