Street Fighter 4 Has Been Nominated For A BAFTA. VOTE NOW!

Street Fighter 4 has been nominated for a prestigous BAFTA award (Like the Oscars but in the UK)

Voting is currently underway and we have to do what we can to make sure that SF4 wins. There is tough competition, but with SRK behind it SF4 can’t fail.

Click through here and select Street Fighter 4.

You will get some SF4 wallpapers for your trouble. So spread the word, lets show the world that Fighting Games are THE genre of choice.

Thanks all, Happy voting!


Voted. SF4 was definitely the “game of the until SSFIV”.

Also voted. Thanks for the heads up man. SFIV all the way.

LMFAO @ Street Fighter For Kids being mentioned in the same sentence as the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, let alone being nominated for thus! :rofl:

The world has truly gone to the shit. >_>

because watching movies is better than playing games?
why dont you go post on an “art” website instead of this one?


I don’t know what it is exactly about SFIV that makes it so great, but I’m 30 years old and have all but stopped playing videogames until SFIV came along. I’ve been playing the various incarnations of SF on and off since the debut of World Warrior hit arcades (and even SF1) and have since lost interest in most other games. Maybe it’s the familiarity I have with the game mechanics and characters, the complete and artistically sound overhaul of the graphics, or the smooth online play, but I’d have to say this is easily in the top 2 or 3 games I’ve ever played in my life.

i’ll play along, but tbh I feel Uncharted 2 is WAAAAAY better than Street fighter IV even though I don’t have a copy of it.

So… What the FUCK are you doing reading on the “Street Fighter for Kids” forum if you despise the game so much?