Street Fighter 4 "Head to Head" Statistics Project


Hey all,

So if anyone of you might remember I was previously working on this project:

Which is some fighting game tournament related probability calculations using a computer simulation. As of right now these calculations are based on arbitrary win percentages. While there is nothing wrong with using this as it provides some useful information about how the tournament format influences the results, I would like to go a step beyond. I want to actually start collecting head to head data for Top players for statistical purposes. What I’m primarily interested in is the number of wins and loses top players have against another top player and also how rates have changed over time.

So what’s the issue? Well the fact is…there is a crap ton of data to collect and its not all in text format. I want to collect data going as far back as 2008-2009 when the game first came out, but going that far back the only data that consistently exists is on video. So sad to say, it’s hard for me to collect all of it by myself with the amount of free time I have. In addition I might not be aware of all the sets that happened like money matches for instance so having more people decreases my chance of overlooking this. So I could really use some help to make this happen.

Here is basically what I need. I need typed out records of matches that have happened be they money matches, tournament matches, etc. between two top players in Street Fighter 4. I need this so I can collect the data into one common data set and be able to use those for statistical analysis.

So if you want to help here is what I need. Post a match result (or a whole tournament’s result) with the following information

Event Name:
Name of Top Player 1:
Name of Top Player 2:
Final result of the set:
Link to where you found this information: **

So for instance if we wanted to report Tokido’s set against Infiltration at ESGN

Event Name: ESGN Fight Night
Name of Top Player 1: Infiltration
Name of Top Player 2: Tokido
Final result of the set: 7-4 (Infiltration)
Date: Feb 2014
Link to where you found this information: (Insert Link or Video)

Any addition information that might be useful is welcome. The information I have to have no matter what is the set result. Simply putting “Infiltration won” is not good enough for what I am trying to do. I also need the event name to avoid counting the same set twice. If you are unsure of the month, just put the year down. As far as acceptable links videos of the match, the SRK front page results, or official brackets from the event are acceptable. We just need to have some documentation that the set actually happened for credibility sake. **I also put a preference on older tournaments since the latest tournaments are easier to find data for. **

I don’t need one person to do all the work, I just need some help to supplement my own gathering efforts. Even if you only post one result that’s a massive help!

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help given!!