Street Fighter 4 - Linking

Hey SRK I really need help learning how to link attacks more consistently, I know that there is the health bar trick and I just heard about pressing two buttons (example: Lp->Mp+Hp) I was wondering if you guys knew any tutorials or anything that can help me learn how to link better.
Thanks in advance!

I rely on both visual and sound cues.

This probably doesn’t work for everyone but it’s how I landed them much more consistently (mainly sound, especially with Vega for his punch links).

Other than that, I have no idea, sorry Don.

If your spamming it will chain (your animations cancel to chain attacks). Linking takes place when one animation ends and the other starts right after. So, slow your inputs for linking (you have to feel it).

There really isn’t a shortcut for learning links. You just have to put in the time practicing. They are hard to learn but they are supposed to be because they open up a lot of doors in terms of gameplay. If you are trying link combos, you might want to give double tapping a try. This is when you tap whatever button you are trying to link twice very quickly. You still have to have the timing for the link down but if you are off by a fraction of a second it gives basically gives you two chances to hit the link. Just put the training dummy on autoblock and spend some time building muscle memory. It will serve you well should you decide to continue playing in the future.

go to training mode and watch animations end, then figure out how much time you have to get another move out (usually a frame or 2). Practice till you can do it by feeling the rhythm, then just keep doing links in training. Eventually, you’ll be able to to it from muscle memory.

what are the rules for when you can chain and when you have to do a link? is it something like you can do one move and then cancel another one into it, but if you do another after that it has to be a link and then so on? or is that completely off (thought i heard it somewhere though).

In SF4 you can’t cancel a normal into a special if you chained into that normal. There are a few exceptions, but that is the general rule. This is why links are so important, they allow you to lengthen your hit confirm combos and still finish with a special.

Yes, read the execution sticky.

There’s really no secret to it. Just get a feel for the game’s timing and you will get it shortly after some practice. SF4’s linking in particular is kind of slow compared to other fighters, but the timing isn’t very strict for most links.

Best kind of practice I can think of is to watch a video demonstrating link combos and try to mimic everything the player does till you’re consistent. It worked for me, so I hope it helps.

the reason I ask is mainly because I want to finish the trials and im stuck on Sakura and Cammy and a few others. I also hate when im trying to link in a real match and eat a shoryuken when I miss them… =/

Yeah, you really just have to “feel” one-frame links; there’s not really anything else you can do. Once you’ve hit the combo enough times, yu just know when you need to press your next button for the link.

Also, try not to chain attacks, or you’ll never be able to finish combos.

EDIT: ^ If your opponent likes to mash SRK when in hit-stun from a combo and you don’t feel confident about the next link, just drop your combo on purpose and block. Once you punish them for their SRK mashing enough times, they’re going to let you get away with dropping your combos.

i feel like im in tha same boat lol i think when super com out i’ll spend at least 2 hrs in training mode doing the same combo till i get the rhythm right.