Street Fighter 4 Live Stream on Saturday


What’s up guys!

I run a series of ranking battles up in Michigan. We’re currently in the second season, which we are streaming live. The second tournament for season 2 is tomorrow (Saturday) starting around 3:00 est.

We’re doing Blazblue, KoF12 side tournament, and SF4, in that order.

I’ll post up the link tomorrow. Just making sure people know about it.


And now whe know, there is a tournament section that this belongs in…


There’s a thread for the event in that section, but I’m advertising the stream here so people actually know about it.


There’s a tournament section?:looney::looney:


The Tourney will start very soon!!!


Pretty good quality stream. What’s with the funky music?


So when exactly is the SF4 coming on?


Thx AaronS!!
Can’t wait to watch this!


Hey!! It’s gonna start soon!! I heard a guy saying its almost ready!!!


The sagat playing right now is absolutely terrible. Its non stop random uppercuts…


Ooooo El Fuerte.
I used to think focus attacking was the answer to Balrog, but honestly all it does is make you eat damage.


just got home, too bad i worked late or i woulda came :frowning:


Damn… looks like I missed it…


We’ll have another, better, one in two weeks.