Street Fighter 4 - New Challengers Popularity Chart

More stats!

You can view the ‘popularity’ (by number of posts on subject) of the new characters in SSF4 in following graph:

Or in data:
Makoto 4340
Dudley 3002
Cody 2399
Juri 2044
Deejay 1871
Ibuki 1785
Hakan 1665
Guy 1477
Adon 1167
Thawk 687

Makoto is clear winner at SRK, perhaps to no surprise as SRK likes SF3. Also explains dudley, polus the fact that he is considered high-tier by most already.
Then Cody, which I agree might be the most usable SF Alpha char followed by Juri which makes her design quite a winner. Deejay must have some fans from STHD.

Ibuki doesn’t score quite as well as expected as her moveset does allow for long discussions, Hakan might still have to build some reputation and guy underperforms. perhaps considered to be too low tier? Same problem with Adon, but neither tier-wise not design-wise has anything going fr him at the time.

Hawk is at a complete loss; but Justin’s vid this week might change that a bit.

I wonder if this is how Capcom planned it would be, and if this trend is universal in the community, or more SRK-oriented.

Im surprised how high DeeJay is and im guessing T Hawk will go up quite a bit after seeing how much damage he does.

Hawk gets no respect. This is especially interesting because T.Hawk was confirmed on Day 1 of SSF4’s announcement, along with Dee Jay and Juri. The 3S characters have had tons of discussion even though they were revealed nearly last. That just shows how much SRK loves SF3, though, as you said.

Not surprised to see Cody’s count so high since his thread has been one of the more active character threads since his announcement. (Even if a large number of those posts are about his clothing. :razz:)

Juri! :smiley:

Makoto’s thread has so many fucking posts, but I bet you’ll rarely see any Makotos online lol. T.Hawk and Adon will stay at the bottom even a year from now, unless people discover some real broken shit.