Street Fighter 4? Next Installment?

This is such an intersting article. Capcom has not released a fighter in ages, they’ve only done Devil May Cry and other adventure games but not a fighter. And with this, it could possibly be revitalizing it’s once dead Capcom Fighting All-Stars, or a new installment of Street Fighter. At least one thing I am hoping, 3D. I think if they released a 2D, it’d have to be entirely new graphics and everything to be on par with everything else. But we have hope right?

I can’t wait to see what it is! I hope it’s SF4 though. I love the characters and their stories from the SF universe, even though you have to dig really deep to get the actually story, since everyone’s endings are mostly “what-if’s”.

As far as the game though…3D would be cool…but I’ve always though of 3D fighters as far from perfect and still evolving, with Namco leading the way there. I mean, Tekken seems to be the most popular 3D fighter, and what makes a game 3D is the sidestepping ability, right? But collision detection is far from perfect in these games. . . So if this next Capcom fighter is actually 3D that will be really interesting.

On the other hand, if it’s 2D, they’d be building on years of experience. And, in my opinion, 2D fighters are near-perfect as far as gameplay is concerned. But, as far as innovation goes, what could they do to outshine SF3? That’d be really tough.

So, bottom line, I’m pretty excited, but this is gonna be a really big challenge for Capcom, either way. Time will obviously tell the outcome though.

At this point I don’t even care if it’s Street Fighter 4 that they are making. I just want it to be a new game, meaning no cut and paste crap…Street fighter 4 would be awesome but I’m not holding my breath. As a matter of fact I’ve got a feeling that whatever this mystery fighter is, it’ll be on par with with Fighting All-stars in terms of quality…when is that convention? 09/01? I guess we’ll find out then…I don’t know why I care anyway, there aren’t any arcades near me anymore anyway…oh well…

2 days left and we shall be told. They better not disappoint.

because it was created with critical apathy! sheesh!~

Pingu’s Ice Block? an Arcade game show? sounds like a puzzle game with penguins ooooh I cant wait to seee ^o^

I just realized, and remembered. Namco made “Namco x Capcom.” And…that could possibly mean Street Fighter Vs. Tekken. Or that sort o_o or a 2D version of their VS. Games O_O

No, they did Namco X Capcom the way they did for a reason, because they knew that realisticly their styles of gameplay wouldn’t mix. Its impossible to combine them in a horizontal fighter without it getting screwed up, because its either got to use SF’s mechancis or Tekken’s, and whichever style is chosen is going to screw over the other.

…you think that if Namco made 2D games they would have released a fighting game?

Probably - probably not.

I opt for the latter.

From what the press release stated about Namco x Capcom, Namco wanted to make a game to celebrate their 50th Anniversary (yes, they’ve been around longer than video games themselves, just like Nintendo) so they wanted to make a massive Strategy RPG game with 200 characters. However, they could only come up with 100 Namco characters that they wanted to use for the type of story they wanted to tell. So they used the oppurtunity to get friendly with Capcom for the other 100 characters. According to press release it had nothing to do with any desire of creating a fighter at all. Throwing Capcom into the mix was something that came during game development, not prior.

Is the game coming to the U.S, I really want to play this game? :pleased:

It really doesn’t look like it’s coming to the US. There’s licensing issues and Namco seems against it due to nobody in the US knowing a lot of the obscure Namco characters. I’m playing it right now and love it, you should look into importing it, it’s not that difficult to figure out how to play, as soon as you learn how to fight, move, heal yourself and attack you are pretty much straight and there’s Gamefaqs to help out with anything else. But if you want to wait it out, wait at least a year from it’s release to see what happens. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for a US release. There’s an online petition to bring the game here that has over 1,500 signatures yet there is still no word on a US release at all. At Gamefaqs they are translating all of the dialog little by little, they are up to chapter 6 and the game has about 40 chapters so they have their work cut out for them…

You misinterpreted what I wrote. I was trying to say "Just like SNK and CAPCOM, NAMCO AND CAPCOM made a game together. Usually companies that make a game with other companies characters can do the same vice versa. Capcom’s new fighter could easily be a 3D Version of their characters against Namco’s characters."
Why would I be talking about Namco X Capcom and the way their gameplay is made anyway :rolleyes:

—Onto what Sano says

A USA Release of Namco X Capcom? HAHAHAHA unlikely. Completely unlikely, don’t even put your hopes on it. The game was released in Japan using characters the United States doesn’t know. Another reason, like Sano says, copyrights etc. Also an added reason, American gamers these days aren’t open to these RPGs or (Strategy-RPG) After about 30 levels, this game is really boring. I have yet to beat it, haven’t had the time. But seeing the characters are very fun. The voices are great too, Namco spent great amounts of money on all the voice actors/actresses.

–Now onto mine

I hope it’s a 3D Version of a Namco Vs. Capcom game or something. At least we know it’s a Fighting Game, something Capcom hasn’t released (a new one that is) in years. I hope it’s not Capcom Fighting Jam 2 or something.

I really hope they don’t kill SF

So what was the game?

War of the Grail

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I don’t really believe it anymore after this, it’s War of the Grail like nortlee said.

War…of the…grail!?! :confused:

Someone needs to die…

There was absolutely no reason to believe it would be any Street Fighter. Much less #4.

I’m not sure where all this hype came from.

hype is hope just mis-spelled…and still CAPCOM does not hear us…

at least SNKP still likes it’s fans


What is that thing that they said about “Post your thoughts about fighting system etc on the shoryuken forums” Does anyone know about that?