Street Fighter 4: "no sessions available" HELP

sup SRK

so anyway i just brought my ps3 from seattle over here to canada for spring break… tried to play a few ranked matches today, and whenever i hit search, i repeatedly get “no sessions available, try again”. the message comes up EVERY time i want to play a ranked match. im able to host a player match, but i cant join a player match or ranked match either. im playing on a wireless router.

suggestions? thanks

I think it may be that you are a NAT Type 3 connection. I am having the same issues. My plan is to either get back to a NAT Type 2 or a Type 1 connection.

It’s a bit of work though, you may have to change some ports in your modem and your wireless router if applicable. The theory is that the firewall in the modem causes a problem on PSN and hurts the online experience.