Street fighter 4: norcal edition aka we're all scrubs


figured i might as well make it. post up if you got it/are getting it/when/where/how/who/why.
matchmaking, tournies, hype, secret norcal sex strats, fucking whatever else.

on a serious note, where can we actually get this game in the bay area on launch? post up if your local shop is getting it on tuesday or if they will maybe break street date. HOLLA!


Probably going to play Fei because he’s pretty much a buff-ass Yang.

But if he’s not enabled in arcade mode ever [for some reason], I’ll be going for sbo with fuerte.


Where’s the Seiei Enbu semi-unblockables :shake:


gamestop in the fremont hub will have it on wednesday… if they dont im gunna break their necks.

also i will have my copy then.


sex strat - use rog

i know there are a few get togethers after the release. there’s one in SF and one in san jose in thursday.


I’m getting it tomorrow at my local gamestop. The gamestop tourney is this weekend. Damn…not enough time to practice.


My place will be pretty open for SF4 comp, I’m getting it tomorrow and will try to ave at least one session before the tournament. Lyle get on AIM so we can talk about the room if you’re still interested.


Going To Get It Tomorrow. Mad Crazy SF4 Session Wednesday. Might Show Up To Tourny.


where are you guys getting it tomorrow?


Yeah, if you’re getting it tomorrow please say where at


Ya Ive had it for a couple days now! First day I played valle for like 6 hours…o.O


andry: suck my fuck.


Walmart (American Canyon/24-Hour): Said they should have it by Tuesday

Gamecrazy (Petaluma): Said Tuesday

Gamestop (San Rafael): Wednesday by 1pm

Gamestop (Richmond/Hilltop Mall): Wednesday

Best Buy (Marin City): Wednesday

Toys “R” Us: Wednesday by 5pm, but a friend of mine who works at one said he’d let me know if they get them Tuesday.


Yeah game crazy in P-town said by 2-3 pm today. Right when I get off work.


got last week.

on xbl, add me.

will play at keystone lite and keystone II.

I :lovin: akuma


Maining Dan


i just got the call from the ashley robot chick and it said this afternoon.


yeah i was told 2pm by my local gamestop idiot.


Heads up to all the Sonoma folk…

Petaluma GS got their shipment early this morning and they are ready to sell. Manager told me they got enough for all their pre-orders and extras. I would call before going though. Managed to snag a copy for PS3. I’ll probably return the pre-order I paid for at my local GS in San Rafael soon.

The Petaluma store wasn’t originally on the list of GS’s to get the game on the 17th. Manager told me that she didn’t know until Monday night that they added her store to that list. She said Powell St. (SF) was also on the list and a couple stores in Santa Rosa. Not sure who else. Might want to call those stores if anyone is interested in trying to get a copy.


just got the game at lamestop.

for those who didn’t preorder i would try anyways. i saw some dude just walk in without a preorder and he was able to get a copy no problem.