Street Fighter 4 pc runs terrible on my machine and it shouldn't


I recently purchased sf4 pc because the $20 sale they had even though i own other versions. Anyway the game runs like a total mess. Half the time the menu’s are completely sluggish and take an insane amount of time to navigate right after the main sf4 title screen and other times it will be blazing fast.

I’ve tried so many different graphics settings and it seems completely random. I’ll start arcade mode with normal settings and shit will start out fine but after a few seconds I’ll get one hiccup and it will just go to total shit like a slide show after just running full speed for a few seconds.

I just now went as far as setting the res to 800x600 and everything to off and low and the menu’s were all loading insanely fast like it was in fast forward but when it got to in game it was sluggish and choppy and not to mention looked like total shit with the low graphics.

I really don’t know whats going on. I tried so many settings and the game just doesn’t run correctly. I have no problems even running games like crysis so I don’t know whats up.


AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 5800+
3.01ghz, 3gb of ram
Geforce gtx260 with latest drivers.
Windows xp pro sp2

I don’t have anything running in the background and this is really the only game I’ve ever had problems with like this.


Maybe your video card or cpu is overheating? try cleaning the fans and hitsinks


are you running any labor intensive programs in the background?


This sounds very possible. It can easily happen if you don’t clean your fans.


Turn off that variable framerate or whatever it was in options,when I first got the game it was on by default and the game ran like complete shit as a result.


While we’re on the topic of performance, I know you mentioned already having the latest video drivers, but it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade the chipset on your motherboard as well. Also, go ahead and set a custom page file if you haven’t already. Good rule of thumb is 1.5x the amount of memory you have, so I would set the page file to 4608. Also, you don’t happen to run Windows Defender do you? That thing is a huge processor hog as it tries to scan itself. Do yourself a favor and go into the settings and set an exception so it doesn’t scan the Windows Defender folder in Program Files. These are just a few tweaks and they may not be related to your problem with the game, but you should get some mileage out of it with everything else you do on your machine, even if the performance increase is only slight.


Turn off Cool’n’Quiet if you have that enabled.


i had exactly the same problem on winXP, everytime i wanted 2 play sf4 i had to boot win7 :confused:

fortunately i found a post in the pc thread:

i also installed the newset AMD processor driver
runs perfectly now…and my machine is much worse than yours


turn Vsync to off


I have AMD Athlon X2 64 dual processor as well and SF4 runs sloooow as hell on mine. I just bought this laptop last week too. Maybe it’s just not powerful enough?


There is a Benchmark / Compatibility test for SF4 which was released before the game was.

You can download that and see what type of performance your putting out.


This fixed everything. Good shit man.


Well shit now I’m wondering why it doesn’t run right on my pc. I downloaded the benchmark and it was slow as hell. Here’s my specs:
AMD Athlon X2 Dual Processor
3 GB Ram, 250 GB HDD
ATI Radeon 3100 Graphics
windows vista

I’m not that great with computers and specs and all that so maybe you guys know something I don’t. It’s a brand new pc, just got it last week. Any ideas?


3100 is a pretty shitty graphics card. That’s the source of your problem


I had to do this also. Now I haven’t had any probs at all.


Ahh, well that would explain it. Any good (cheap) graphics card you would suggest that would get the job done?


radeon hd 4850