Street Fighter 4 PC - System Requirements


Before I buy this game, can you computer experts tell me if my laptop is good enough to run the game online if I set it to low graphic settings?

1366 x 768 resolution (WXGA)
ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics
AMD Athlon II dual-core mobile processor M300
3GB of DDR3 system memory

Will the game run smooth for me? Also, is online play free? I heard you play online through “Games for Windows - Live”. But it doesn’t say anything about a monthly subscription or whatnot on wikipedia.

Thanks in advance!!!


hey there.
best thing to do is download the benchmark tool and test it out
you can download it here

this will allow you to play with the different settings


I think it won’t run fullscreen for you. Well, I hope I’m wrong, but I had a radeon hd 4650 for my PC and I couldn’t run full screen without it being gay on default settings. But the benchmark will be your best friend, it will be more accurate about your hardware than I can.


Games for Windows doesn’t require a subscription fee like Xbox Live does, so you are good to go.


Very happy about no subscription fee.

Mr. Gay - Did it work for you when you lowered the graphic settings? I don’t care about resolution or details. I just want to play smoothly in full screen.

I’m at work now and wanted to pick up the game on the way home. But I guess I’ll try that benchmark thing first and buy the game later.

I guess my laptop is on the borderline so it’s not a very clear cut yes or no answer. Should’ve splurged on a better laptop, I guess.


It will run smooth, but you may have to lower the default settings.


With onboard 4200 graphics, you should be able to play it fullscreen with very low res. Obviously, you will have to turn down settings, but not everything will absolutely have to be on “low.”

I had a week with my onboard 3300 (which I THINK is similar?) while I waited for my graphics card to arrive, and I just played on 640x480, some stuff turned to low, some stuff turned to medium, no AA, etc. Ran 60+ fps constantly.