Street fighter 4 questions

I have some question for you about street fighter 4.
I only play on arcade, I have not the game yet, so I need you.

Wich character has the best set of normal in Street fighter 4 ( and what about the worst ? ) ? In terms of poke, anti air and spacing move.
Some tell me, Rose, Ryu and Boxer, is it right ? Who has the best normal set between them ?

Who have the best focus attack in the game ? and the worst ? In term of reach and speed. I’ve just noticed they were different.

Normal throw ( not special move throw ) is different depending on the character too, so what are the best and the worst ?

I’ve noticed Sagat throw SUCKS, and I don’t know why… It’s like sometime he can’t catch a croutching opponent.

If someone can help me with this.