Street Fighter 4 Remix for PC: version 1.1 released!



  /---------\              .,.!  .!!?7.
  |SF4 REMIX|             .?    ..     1
  \---------/             t   ,'  .!.   1.
                       ..!.   , . ..  .  J.
                      .;r  .. , ,.  ., .  J
                       ^P . .i... : ,.;.$.J.
                        J. :?q,% ..,4!,,b .h
               ..,      !$ ,.":? .  ... b?.$
              . .:r    ..P, b  ! .   .!.' .??.^.
             J...J   ..P.J^.J.  .^?., .?!.,,^j.|?.
            . . .   .!,i +.u .5, .!  .T.?.,,!J P .i
            P??.P.,.t..!.7,!.. .\...?O...!P....r...j.
           .P.. Nj. ."!. :,n .=,, .,.J. ..d.:..%.^..7.
        .!iG???;^.IJ!?,.?. .7,!.T.. .; J ..l.,2!&, J .=.
        ?. P,:...Cr.,1iP!!P..jt +.i .u. !J??;..?,,.P ..J.
         b Si.u= J1?.l:J  P!j..h..:4' I..G. .??+"7x ...J ?4.
         J.t.  ..?+.zl?i,.P  .P14x .j ., J.,^.J.?:,+.  J  ..N
           5?11,..J..??:h P  .0..4   h 4.J. ...J.   j.=   . .h
            j.11Iz+z11J.JJ   $.2:.P...rrjJ    P  J     . . . J.
            8.4.l?+1jlvr.3P1.  P..J.  JP P.  .N.!!b ... .  .+.h
            J.J=jJ:7!7 &^!J ..P .P ,b .4..C .J^TQ..^....      .@
             .P  4x?i3;.:  b b.$.$. J. Jj1J"^      "3.    . ..8!
              P. ..4J+G.i. P 4 ::+,+ h.!.8           .Ya&g...85
              J, ^^.W1z+?.7..u; +?!+ .5,.8                   !
               h !:..x,?! ^.: P..!.,^. .8!
               P . ..  P ...: J.?+.?...8P j
               h ,  J .$  ..: J ++..888888rl
               .b=  +.W .  .?.J88888888#548x?.,
                 Tu., ... ^  .888888P.. . 88h1 .J!!?..
                   .T8\...   J5 888P.J. ..888b1 J     ?.
                  .J..8a&a,.J"..888 :++.  8888 4
                 .t+.!.i,....+!J88P ?i?:..8888 .!
                .f??!+.+,,+++:.J88P +?+?. J888.'
                         .?  J:J88\.+?;?' J8"

Version 1.1 by Anotak
We have succeeded where David Sirlin has failed. We contacted character specialists for every character and we have created the ultimate remix of SF4. 8 months in development, we have created the ultimate fighting game experience. Here it is.
see this video: [media=youtube]BDjMQ03RLC8[/media]

What you need:
Sf4 PC.
this zip file.

btw just to be safe make a backup of your sf4/battle/chara folder, as there are some things apparently wrong with the uninstaller with reverting that folder. if anyone knows how to fix it please tell me.

  1. if you previous have installed v1.0 uninstall it first (well i mean you can skip this step but you won’t be able to uninstall).
  2. extract to your SF4 folder IT HAS TO BE HERE.

if you want to go back (why would you though?), run delete_everything.bat as administrator. if somebody knows how to make a real installer then help me out for the next version if i ever make one.

character change short version:
Fei Long - uhhh… he can juggle to ultra
Cammy - juggle loop
Akuma - triangle jumps
Gouken - triangle jumps and fireballs push back
Dhalsim - multiple air teleports and drills hit high ex fireball does ultra
Blanka - high damage throw and airdash
Chun Li - 3s
Ryu - Shinkuu viper beam
E Honda - ST
Zangief - fuck this guy hes like magneto
Guile - slow slow slow sonic boom, tron assist ex boom
ken - glitched ex air hurricane, lp fireball hits high, hp hits low, mp gives frame advantages, hits low and breaks focus and can be comboed off of… unblockable ultra
seth - headstomp 30 hit juggle
bison - lots of shit mk scissor kick hits high
sagat - dude i dont even know
claw - qcf p, qcb p, qcb k, srk k, qcbx2 ultra, etc
balrog - ex headbutt is like headcrush kinda
abel - increased options, special cancels to ultra
c viper - teleport and dive kick
rufus - fucked up jump and stuff
el fuerte - close LP basketball juggle
sakura - chains to itself and does chip damage chain to sweep
rose - megaman
dan - nothing not going to do this
gen - shaolin buddha finger

Special Thanks and Credits:
Anotak -thats me
Capcom - making SF4 with such a fucked up engine that it let me do this…
SSJ George Bush - playtesting and he made the E. honda to be a lot like ST as possible
Skitz - all sorts of suggestions and awesome dude all around. only other person i know who saw ken do ex fireball suck in then unblockable ultra and his reaction was “this makes sense”. he also provided the name.
Polarity - Figured out A FUCKTON OF STUFF related to animations a long time ago
Illitirit - figured out a lot of stuff like how to change motions
Gojira - Figured out a lot of stuff with hitdata
Providenceangle - figured out a lot of the very early stuff just the basics
whoever it was that figured out we need to use offzip - thanks
Piecemontee - i used his sf4 model editing tool for extracting the things because it was easier than offzip
Error01 - figured help
ACCELERATOR - playtesting, and he’s probably the best SF4 player here in alabama.
Tsunami157 - lots and lots of ideas, playtesting, discovered Cammy and El Fuerte recrumple infinites that we managed to remove before release.
Jeff Richards - playtesting. he quit playing after he almost died at a tournament
The SF4 juggle system thread crew - minor help
Maj ( - inspiration from combo videos, and answered a few engine questions i asked him on
James Chen - inspiration from combo videos + he plays my character on ST
Joo, Magnetro, NKI - inspiration from combo videos
Bananas8462 - his initial encouragement for me to make an “SF4 rainbow edition” back last summer, and best rufus in GA.
Spookydonkey and the columbus, ga crew - playtesting/ideas. we had a loctest at their ranbat.
JiBBo - I asked him what to give gen. he didn’t respond but i’m listing him anyway.
Ultradavid, Keits - ideas from IRC
David Sirlin - inspiration by making his own remix of ST
Zandwich and Dandy J - finding infinites and 100%s that i patched out
Zeipher - v2 claw idea
SayaSP - finding viper runaway bullshit that i had to fix
anyone i forgot - stuff


  • fixed ex falling sky loop, now only works x 4
  • gave normals that were only super cancellable (also 6MK), special and dash cancellability
  • ex roll is special cancellable
  • don’t need to link last jab to special cancel anymore
  • 2nd low hit of CoD is special/dash/ultra cancellable
  • correspondingly decreased hitstun so that lp cod -> 2nd low hit no longer combos to prevent infinite (lp cod -> mid followup still combos, and lp cod -> mid followup still tight blockstring but lp cod -> low is no longer)
  • counterhitting with the 2nd hit of close mp causes crumple
  • reduced hitstun on first hit of close hp to prevent dash cancel infinite
  • made c.hp’s 2nd hit work more often if 1st hit hits.
  • qcf projectile
  • 4mk mk is dash cancellable
  • j.hp is cancellable to other jumping attacks
  • fixed juggle potential to allow resets, and then made sure that juggling normals don’t have that much.
  • Improved throw
  • chaining fixed
  • longer juggle time on ex sky high claw
    C Viper:
  • fixed issues with teleport involving runaway, unfortunately had to remove doing air attacks after but now at least it’s ground special cancellable.
  • fixed rethrow infinite
  • Buddha finger damage lowered to 300 from 500. Counterhit damage remains. he now kills in 2 resets instead of 1 reset. (or 1 counterhit)
  • gave throw juggle property
  • focus cancelling requires no meter
  • made super cancellable normals special cancellable
  • normals cancelling to super replaced with cancelling to 6HP, 4MK and 6MK. Specials cancelling to super still exists so combo to super is unaffected.
  • very minor damage nerf on ex boom
  • increased juggle potential of normals
  • took out requirement to link chains to cancel to special
  • qcf x 2 super/ultra
  • damage/stun nerf on ex air hurricane
  • minor changes to other things
  • reduced juggle potential on shoryukens from 33 (i think it was?) to 4 (6 for lp).
  • bug fix involving something where ken would be unable to moved
  • increased juggle potential on normals to allow for more resets
  • fixed minor bug with throw
  • fully fixed target combo (1st hit causes opponent to stand)
  • ultra now does 700 stun instead of 4000
  • chains can now all cancel instead of having to link
  • slow fireball is slower, fast fireball is faster
  • chains can now all cancel instead of having to link
  • ex hurricane and hk hurricane swapped.
  • the former hk hurricane (now ex hurricane) does more damage
  • focus cancelling normals for free
  • ex boom less recovery
  • divekick reset even after a million hits of juggle
  • hp shoryu can cancel to air normals
  • combo off throw
  • chains can now all cancel instead of having to link
  • ex greenhand juggle potential increased by one
  • now does body splash
  • now does teleport


oh btw
the delete_everything should revert it correctly,
then you should be able to play online again.
if you play online with it, you just get a desync, mid match, every time


Still prefer Zeipher’s Koryu edition.


I Lol’d at the HNK X Fei Long


Oh wait, wut

Holy shit I might have to try this game


Simply amazing.


Has anyone tried this yet?


hmm i found an infinite with bison i’ll be releasing new version some time next week or the week after that I overlooked it because I he was one of the last characters I made and I had been shooting for releasing before friday really hard


Just wondering, can you also modify the bugs of SF IV as well? :X

This could be quite awesome really


which ones


You are stupid.


dabvid sirlin


do you know how to detect trolling


It was going to happen: SF4 - Rainbow Edition.


God bless this game!

Pls make a side even on evo10 XD


Crossup and hitboxes problems etc

Maybe even some sort of balance :X


i mean yeah but why? nobody would play that, they would just play the real game


the onyl sf4 remix i would play is one remixed by legendary game designer david sirlin


good shit anotak, u might see this on the cbus stream sometime, we are all about this kind of shit


generally my favourite remixes are made from daft punk songs or leftover stirfry but this sounds pretty cool


Since SSF4 is not coming for the PC, did anyone ever think of replicating all its changes via modding in vanilla PC SF4 or did your ambitions end with big head Sagat?