Street Fighter 4 Remix for PC: version 1.1 released!


Maybe if the 360 ver or something uses the same file format for saving the character information, you could just rip those and overwrite the SFIV PC ones?


i thought of this… but, i think this might be illegal, not sure.


DAvid sirlin is gonna find this forum link searching google for David Sirlin


legendary game designer dave sirlin


Cool Mugen in 3D!!!


You know, I used to, if not outright “like”, at least deal with Sirlin just fine. I didn’t understand the collective rolling of eyes he got from some communities

Then someone directed me to a post in which he explained that he could see stuff in slow motion, a skill he discovered he had when he was a kid, falling from his bike, and how it was the adrenaline rush enhancing his perception of reality

And how he tried to figure out the best way to have that kind of thing come out in his play, and how he believes some players attain a “zen” status like that when playing sf

…I’m dead fucking serious. He’s pretty much the Sodom of game developers

Not to mention all the self-serving ass-pulls during HDR’s development, like saying T. Hawk needed the simplified inputs because only “two japanese players” could pull off the O. Hawk throw loop. Dot dot dot. Seems like he either needs to improve his execution or simply play some ST on GGPO, the players that even dare using O. Hawk against the rest of the cast have that shit down to a science




dont talk bad about sirlin hes going to come and shut down your internet


Sounds good. Gives me a reason to re-download it.


David “Low Strong” Sirlin


Well, this is way better than SF4! I like it a lot, thank you for making it!


Cammy has Stun Grab.
Her Medium Spiral Arrow is Flying Upward Spiral Arrow
Her Spin Knuckle is proper speed now.
Her Dashes cancel into one another.

Uploading [media=youtube]KYxh7IHHfK8"[/media] as I type this.

edit : suggesting dive kick from hooligan , Spin Knuckles doing more damage and aerial spiral arrow for updated version of SF IV Remix.


you know i made her divekick hit overhead


twinkle toes gen + fingers


Things I found out about zangief

Jump lk teleports him instantly back to the ground with
lp green hand is safe on hit/block (+0 i think it feels like)
hp green hand does about 600 stun
my friend ACCELERATOR said that you can’t block close stand MP low anymore, so it’s an overhead now
neutral jump mk does running bear grab
running bear grab takes their lifebar to 0 but can never KO them
jump MP does instant teleport back to ground and spd

So basically this dude can constantly mixup into lp greenhand then free mixup after it throw/low or instead of that do neutral jump then mk to teleport back to ground and free EX running bear grab, no meter required.

Also i think akuma might be the cheapest perrson because his jump forward lk does divekick and it hits overhead and he can do his loops off of it.


e honda fucks him up though if he gets in





I like kens airdash a lot


i like his -> c.hp -> ex air hurricane combo


download this game

this should have a scene