Street Fighter 4 SE stick

Howdy fellow fighters! So, I ended up caving and buying SF 3rd strike online edition. I wanted to play my dreamcast version, however; The MadCatz SE stick has compatibility issues with the Brook ps3 to Dreamcast Super Converter.
So, I bought the stick from Ebay, won it for 17 dollars and some change. I opened it up one day and found out that the joystick is Sanwa (not sure which model, but it says sanwa on it.). Is this normal, or did I luck out on ebay?

Mad Catz SE joysticks always came with Mad Catz-branded parts, not Sanwa.
If you have a Sanwa lever (or at least, some Sanwa parts on that lever), then it’s almost certain someone swapped that in.

Thanks, I’m assuming that’s a win :grin:. Also, how would I know what else was swapped? Would I have to look at the buttons and everything for a model number? I know that the turbo doesn’t work, and the lights don’t light up either.

Clear pictures would help us help you ID any other changes.

Microswitches should be easy to ID; Sanwa ones have “Sanwa” molded onto the bottom of the black microswitch. Mad Catz switches don’t.
Not sure about the button rim/plunger; there may be molded details there too.

I’m new to owning a stick, used them in the arcade. But I hope this helps you help me :slight_smile: thank you gundam bro.

Btw, the one picture looks like there’s burn marks on the plastic. By the lever.

Those are just the stock MadCatz buttons you have in that stick, they’re awful.

Thanks, I kinda figured cause who would drop parts in an SE stick? And the r1 or “fierce” button, is starting to stick. Thanks for your inquiry Brometheus