Street Fighter 4 Secrets Volume 2 from



so this new secrets volume, with arturo sanchez

has anyone listened to it? is it worth buying for someone trying to level up their sim game?
i’d like to listen to it but i’m hesitant to spend the money if its not really going to help my sim out too much, or if the info is just stuff i can pick up here or from videos. are there really big magical dhalsim “secrets” to learn?


Definetly not worth buying. Keep in mind, I have no clue whatsoever that is, but I’d put it right up there with those popups you get about INSTANTLY getting ripped without going to gyms, using roids, etc etc. If you need to pay for it, it ain’t worth buying


The combination package is only $15, which is a pretty good deal. I wouldn’t write it off just yet… check out the audio samples on the site, you’ll see that Arturo has spent HUNDREDS of hours not just playing, but practicing and perfecting his game, tactics, match-ups, etc. I’m gonna buy it, if nothing else, maybe I’ll learn ONE or TWO new things to help me get better. It’s all about supporting the community, Lollaff. On that note, go buy premium you cheap bastard.



oh, i’m definitely cool with supporting the community. i know gootecks personally, hes a great guy and does alot for the community, especially here in so cal. but i am just wondering if i’m going to be paying for something that is ultimately not going to help me out. just wanted to know if any of you guys have listened to it and if you guys think its worth while.


I think I’ve played a bunch of three-bar games (LA-Toronto) with your Fuerte on XBL. :slight_smile:

Truthfully, most of what Arturo says in the podcast can be found scattered throughout the Dhalsim forum. Having said that, it’s nice to hear a top player give his perspective on a matchup that every Sim is gonna play a LOT of. So, the podcast presents really good info on Sim v. Ryu, but it’s all info that’s kicking around this forum – personally I wouldn’t pay for it, but I can’t say that it’d be a total waste if you did.

Hope that helps!


Yeah been thinking about that, but I haven’t got paypal so it’s too much of a hazzle. Besides, the Dhalsim section is the only place I visit. The banner is cool though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah been thinking about that, but I haven’t got paypal so it’s too much of a hazzle. Besides, the Dhalsim section is the only place I visit. The banner is cool though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think they said ALL proceeds goto some Haiti fund. so if you arent at confident levels already, and too lazy to read a million posts, thats a 2 for 1 deal right there :slight_smile:


If you listen to this kind of thing on your way to the arcade you’ll be in a good mindset when you arrive. =)


I bought it and I would have to say he gives some fundamentals that are stated in the forums but not as black and white which helps alot and he give some pretty solid matchup tips too… the only thing though is he puts the sim v viper match at 4 6 viper and after lots of these matches im gonna have to disagree… that shit is like 2 8 viper…lol besides that if the proseeds really do go to haiti then i would say its a good buy. Mabye not so much though if your a veteran sim player, as an intermediate and beginner it will be way more usefull for. Not to give to much away but he talks alot about reaction and spacing (of course), certain situations to look for and bait and to aviod all together, things of that nature.


Nobody seems to talk about how amazingly lopsided the Gouken matchup is against Sim. He’s a console character so Arturo has little experience against him, but it’s much worse than the Viper matchup.


This was excellent listening. and Shawn you’re right, listen to it before going to a tourney or arcade and it puts you in a great mindset for winning with Sim.
All the matchup advice was in-depth and at the least gives you a feel for how each matchup tends to flow.

I just wish they could have done a section on the Abel matchup.
Should release a part 3 with Arturo going over the matchups vs console chars :slight_smile:


How to join in the mailing list and get the coupon to pay only 10$?
I’m very interested.

I agree with Nomadic: Abel’s matchup would be better than the Ken’s one.


The 2-for-$10 deal was only for the first week, and it expired at midnight on that particular Sunday. I might be wrong though — if anybody knows about this coupon or how it can be applied, please share with your fellow Sims =)


This weekend it’s $10 again
Just put 10BUCKS in the coupon box


And it’s all the way down on the buying page


i bought it and can vouch for it’s value. the whole concept of these podcasts are really great for learning how to play street fighter. the fact that this one emphasizes dhalsim’s gameplay makes it even more worth it for a dhalsim player. fyi though it probably wouldnt be worth it otherwise unless you are having troubles fighting dhalsims. if youre serious about learning dhalsim i wouldnt hesitate to pay the $15 and listen through at least 3-4 times.


I’ve bought it, paying yesterday.
I’m waiting for it…
I thought I could download it few seconds after payment, but I wrong.


Sorry, how many days have you waited to receive the files?


^^^ get it yet, gore? I was gonna see if the $10 coupon is still good… but I don’t wanna wait a week for it =P