Street Fighter 4 Sucks - Rageaholic


Some guy called Rageaholic posted a video stating how much he hates SF4, apparently its too slow and the Focus Attack is a gimmick.

Check the video out:

He offers anyone to challenge him at the 360 version and is gamertag is RAZ0RFIST (the O is a Zero). So please can some kick his whinny little ass and post a vid :cool:

He claims he really good at the Street Fighter series… “No one can beat me… I know my Street Fighter”, and he hated SF:Third Strike.

The vid is just a barrage of poorly explained negatives about the game and how CAPCOM fucked the series up, thats weird coz hasn’t SF4 brought thousands of retro gamers back into the genre? Third Strike didn’t do that so no CAPCOM havent destroyed the franchise u long haired goth freak!!


honestly who cares? Not thread worthy :tdown:


Holy Shit. This guy clearly sucks at this game. My god, he never even listed a good reason why the game sucked…Vega not being top tier and being too slow? Get the fuck out of here. SFIV is so much better than VF, Tekken, and SC, I cannot believe that bitch compared them. VF5 is the worst game he mentioned to be honest, and I stopped caring about what he said when he mentioned that…I will be looking for Raz0rfist soon…


If its not thread worthy where would it have gone? In the Videos section where most of the SF4 players on this forum dont even check. This is SF4 related hence its in this section.

Can someone please challenge this guy to a game and record it, Im gonna challenge him tonight


How dare you insult long haired goth freaks. D<


His video reviews are somewhat entertaining. He’s just a troll though, if you fall in the trolls trap it’s all over. Don’t feed the trolls.


No you definitely put this in the right section, but what I’m saying is who cares about this guy, he’s just a troll and by making this thread… we’re doing what he wants (aka feeding him). Just seems a bit silly.


His voice drives me nuts. It sounds like he needs a drink of water.

Oh and he’s trying too hard to be ZP. Anger only works with criticism if you’re actually funny.

EDIT: Don’t watch this. Not even for curiousity’s sake. It wouldn’t be funny even if I didn’t completely despise his ZP knockoff style.


Hes trying too hard to be everyone. He brings up the same argument ive heard of before on a message board somewhere. .__.


Yup, because this isn’t that interesting.

I hope you lose!


I hate SF4 too, but this guy’s stupid and so are you for making this thread.

Live and learn! :tup:


This was the most annoying video i have watched in a long time. I actually felt pain halfway through and had to turn it off. Whenever someone flashes images up every three seconds to go with what word they’re saying it drives me crazy.


yahtzee wannabe.


Honestly, I don’t really buy that SF4 is “slower” than any other SF. I guess it could be argued, as in SF2 people’s health was extremely low. But compared to 3? The only thing 3S had that was fast was jumping and the “feel” that it was fast because of parrying; but if you actually look at the pace of the game, the speed at which normals come out at, the fact that parries actually slow down the rate at which things hit you as you parry them…it only felt fast because zoning wasn’t really an issue with parrying; there was no reason to sit across the screen and chuck very slow moving easy to parry projectiles that put you at a disadvantage and your opponent at a great advantage.

Street Fighter 4, besides jumping and to a degree hurricane kicks, is a faster game overall.

In fact, legitimately, the -only- thing that bothers me about Street Fighter 4 is I feel that with the switch to 3D, they lost a lot of “impact” when hits connect. In third strike, a landed shoryuken from Ryu shook the screen a little or at least briefly paused the impact to make it feel like, “Holy shit, that looks like it hurts.” Ken’s target-combo into light shoryuken, Akuma’s Gourasen, etc. etc. etc.

Maybe a new sound file or something would bring that feeling back, just feels weird to hit someone with any shoryuken variant and it’s almost like they just kind of bounce off your fist.


He has some points about SF4, it does have a lot of issues and people are playing it due to Nostalgia. The game could of been better but its still a solid fighter, I wouldnt go as far as he is going. As for the speed of the game, it looks slow but its actually not as slow as one might think. I find it faster than 3s.


oh man that guy thinks hes totally hilarious. if he wants to rip of yahtzee then he needs to get himself a much less infuriating voice. saying things loudly does not make it more funny.



Almost everyones dash is cumbersome as fuck in this game, and zoning is definitely an issue in 3s. I don’t want to start a 3s vs SF4 debate, but lets not start making shit up.


Dang, thought this was going to be the designated “complain about SF4” thread.


Stopped watching when he said 3rd Strike is bad. Clearly dying for attention.

This is Jesus’s thread now, ya’ll gtfo! Damn I need to get over to Denjin…


That guy really doesn’t care how blatantly he’s trying to rip of Yahtzee does he??