'Street Fighter 4 TE' vs 'Super Street Fighter 4 TE S' vs 'SxT Fightstick Pro' - which to choose?

I’ve possibly got a choice from the 3 sticks above (wanted a decent second hand stick for my 360).

I’m kind of leaning towards the red top SF4 TE personally, but before I pull the trigger on any of them, wanted to get people’s thoughts here.

They’re going to be roughly the same price. I’ve handled the SF4 TE before and love it, but haven’t handled the other two. Anything I should know about, or are they all much of a muchness?


No. This is not a type of thread we take too kindly to 'round these parts.

The mods don’t allow for This VS That threads.

If you want info or feed back on what stick to buy you can try the “What stick to Buy” thread

Any other questions can be directed to our Absolute Question and Answer Thread

Understood. Sorry to have caused offence. Didn’t know this was the wrong place for it.

Thanks for the links.