Street Fighter 4 Tournament - Milltown, NJ 3/24 XBox360 ver. + hori arcade sticks

Host: Milltown Billiards
Type: Sports - Tournament
Network: Global
Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Time: 5:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Milltown Billiards
Street: 248 Ryders Lane
City/Town: Milltown, NJ
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Phone: 7322530825

Milltown Billiards first video game tournament will be a night dedicated to Capcom’s newest release in the famous fighting series Street Fighter. The tournament will be a standard double elimination tournament with a $10.00 entry fee. Cash Prizes will be awarded to the First and Second place winners. Third place will recieve a gift certificate good for 2 free hours of play at Milltown Billiards. Tournament Entry starts at 3 p.m.

all characters WILL be allowed. this includes SETH if you think you can win with him,

Hope to have a pretty big turnout.

See you there. All the information is on facebook as well as directions to get there.

Also the tournament will be on the 360 and we will be supplying hori arcade sticks. Not the Pro EX2 but the regular ones. Might have some other third party sticks there as well. We’re trying to avoid holding this tourney on controllers.


you can register anytime after 3pm till the tournament starts.

the new tentative starting time will be at 6:30pm to 7pm give or take
the day is still going to be tuesday though.
for future tournaments i’ll try to see if they can be done on different days like a saturday since people will more than likely be off from work especially if they are working a 9-5 job.

also just confirmed, you can bring your own controllers if you would like. but that will take up some time especially if people play a certain way, but we’ll try to accomodate everyone as much as possible

for those who do not want to bring their own controllers, there will be 2 hori ex2 sticks. one of them belongs to me and the other one belongs to my friend but they are they same exact stick, so no one can complain that one joystick is better than the other person’s.

if there are anymore changes i’ll edit the first post like i just did.

I’ll be there. I can bring my own controller, correct?

This might be fun if it didn’t start at 5pm on a Tuesday.

6, 6:30, 7pm - 11 still leaves you plenty of time and allows people to potentially go after work.

Really terrible planning. Tournament entry starts at 3pm? Joke?

i’m going to talk to the owner of the pool hall and ask him if he can make it later to accomodate people.
i’ll try my best to change the time if it means that more people will show up.

and as of now i’m not sure if you can bring your own controller but again i’ll ask if it can be arranged.

i’ll try to work with you guys as much as possible.

also the reason its on tuesday is cause of the street fighter movie aka bison for me it was tuesday.

i don’t know why seriously on a tuesday. i’ll see if i can possibly change the date but for now it looks like tuesday the 24th is a locked day

major changes to the tournament’s starting time. its now 7pm.
registration starts from 3 till then
there more than likely will be friendly matches if you wanna get some games in.

dam wish i could go i got comp class that night

we’ll probably have more tournaments after this one, so we’ll probably change the day of it

I can’t make it, but I’m showing interest. I used to drive by that place all the time when I lived on North Brunswick.

I should be able to make it

results up in tournament results forum
thanks for participating guys. we had a pretty good turnout for a Tuesday.
We are definietly going to host another tournament within the month.
I believe we are going to do them monthly and occasionally switch the game up. Like HD Remix or CvS2 for the dreamcast.