STREET FIGHTER 4 TOURNAMENT (Oakland, CA) - 04/19/09 @ 2:00 - WIN: PLAYSTATION 3 80gb

Prove It Games - "are you the best?"
3883 Piedmont Ave.
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 913-2818


WHEN: APRIL 19 @ 2:00p.m. (Please come at least 30 minutes before to register.)
WHERE: 3883 Piedmont Ave. Oakland, CA 94611
HOW MUCH: $10 Entry Fee
PRIZE: New 80gb Playstation 3
**RULES:**See website

QUESTIONS: E-mail ( or Call (510) 913-2818.

I might enter this.


do we have to bring our own sticks

site says we could bring our own sticks if we wanted. console is 360!

and why do tourneys always happen when i’m unavailable??

probably going to come to this

I’ll probably come to watch/help out if I can.

I already asked for that day off. I will defintely be there.

im guessing we cant change our button layout to our liking?

yeah. u can

will show up to this.

how many people joined last time?

30+ i dink ?

This tourney is going to be TOUGH AS NAILS.

Best bring yo BEST GAME! It’s about to get really…REAL!

PS3 on the line! Let’s get down, baby!

looks like it’s gonna be double that now that it’s stickied here :sad:

i really wanted a ps3 too.:sweat:

I’ll be there if sticks will be provided, as I only have PS3 sticks.

its played on both ps3 and 360 platforms


more like its gunna be tough as bison’s shin guards to ur FACE.:rolleyes:

too bad im not that good…ill just rob the winner anyway…better be security =)

fuckin’ Oakland, man.

good thing I’m bringing my boyz incase I win!!! Second thought I won’t need them hope U got them. LOL!!!