Street Fighter 4 Tournament -Orlando, Florida- 4/27/2009

Here you go Orlando.

When: Monday April 27 2009

Where: Will’s Pub near downtown Orlando
Click for Directions

Details: Double Elimination Street Fighter 4 tournament.
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches

        **XBOX 360, BYOC:** I will not be providing any type of controller.

        **Must be 18 to attend and 21 to consume alcohol, anyone caught buying or giving alcohol to a minor will be kicked out without a refund and be banned from any  tournament I host for life!**

Entry Fee: $12 dollars to enter with $10 going toward the pot and $2 toward the house for promotion cost (advertising, production, possible security/door guy) any money left over will be used towards the next event.

Payout: 70/20/10, with a possibility of drink related prizes.

Registration: On site registration will be from 5-7, with the tournament starting at 7:30. You can pre-register by sending and email to: with the following information in the subject line:

Wills Pub SF4 Tournament 4/27/2009 Pre-registration information

Include the following in the body of the message:

** Name, SRK handle if applicable, your age and where you are from.**

If you pre register and do not show up by 7 you will be disqualified and unable to pre-register for future events unless you contact me prior and explain your circumstances i.e. had to work, in the hospital ect.

This is a bar/drinking atmosphere and you are expected to act like an adult, if you get to intoxicated and act a fool you will obviously get kicked out. Use common sense and you will be fine.

Remember to bring your ID or you will not be allowed into the establishment.

If everything goes smoothly this will become a monthly event with the inclusion of other games such as HDRemix, 3rd Strike and SCIV and it will also turn into a ranking battle event.

Hope to see everyone there.
3 out of 5 winner finals/loser finals/grand finals

Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

Pre Register List

Jose Seishin
Carlos Martinez
Tony Moore
Patrick Skelly
Torrin Fields
Nestor Ramirez
Alex Jebailey
Daniel Orlando
Freddie Tirado
Joe/Joecifer (tampa)
Pat C
Aaron Giordano-Berry
John Garland (tampa)
Kyle SB
Jeramiah Caret

Looking forward to it man, If you need help with anything, Just ask. I’ll make sure that everyone in Orlando make it out to this event.

thanks man, i will let you know if anything comes up.

I will be attending this one, too bad its on the x360 … should try to see if it can be ps3 too…

I would be fine with having a PS3 station, its just that I cant seem to find anyone willing to bring any equipment. I made a post in the orlando thread asking for tv’s and systems but no one responded.

As it stands I will have two HDTVs and two 360’s. If anyone wants to donate either a tv, a system or both that would be great.

This is the reason that all of the local tourneys so far have had 5 and 10 dollar door fees, because they already have the set up. If we (orlando/central florida) are serious about stepping up our game then we need to work together as a community(I know, a few of us have, I’m not talking about those few). I have played all over the country and trust me, central florida has its work cut out for it.

well i’d have n prob. bringin in a system. pm me.

I will be there for sure and I am going to see if I can get a few co-workers to sign up as well. I can almost guarantee three people other than myself will be participating.

awesome, try to pre-register if you can.

Leland. 22. Orlando.

Another wack-ass avatar by Leland. Hope this turn’s out to be a ranbat tourney for Orlando.

Torrin. 27. UCF

27!?!?!? damn u old lol. i swear u were no more than 23.

JoSe 22 orlando

Yeah, but I’m not as old as Rick, Anthony, and David. We all should laugh at them.

Alex Jebailey Orlando and Old Enough to legally Drink. Don’t worry guys, you’ll have a fair chance of beating me, I won’t be using Balrog as my main, I’ll have a surprise for all of you ;).

I’m game. I can bring a 360 if needed.

Tony 21 Orlando

awesome, thanks guys but i really need to get an email for conformation. I will not consider posts on this thread as pre-registration. You can always register at the event from 5-7.

i’ll be there, at least for some beers and a shot with the x360 pad…

Finally some fellow fighters in my area - w00t!!!
I hope I can make it out there…though I hate driving in downtown…bah.

Sucks that it’s on Xbox but hey…I might just just to have some beers and meet some fellow gamers.
(And if there are arcade sticks it really doens’t matter <crosses fingers>)

See you all there!!!

32 (I know I know…keep your comments to yourself…lol), Kissimmee
(email to follow for pre-registration)

There is another tournament in Downtown Disney on May 30th…but I think GoogleMyName has already mentioned that in another thread.

awww, why does it have to be on a monday.

Two weeks!

Yeah, I agree…monday evening sucks…but hey…better to have a tourney on a monday than no tourney at all :stuck_out_tongue:

See you all there!