(Street Fighter 4 Tournament) Quiznos Presents: Street Fighter IV 2 Cerritos, CA

Quizno’s Presents: Street Fighter IV

Hosted By Rej
Copied Tournament Rules From AllisBrawl.com

Where: Quizno’s Subs
20224 Pioneer Blvd. Cerritos, CA 90703

Date: April 5th, 2009

Time: 12pm-10pm (Singles start at 12pm, Teams will start as singles are winding down)

Events: Singles and Teams

Fee: Singles-$7 ($5-pot $2-Venue), Teams-$12 ($3 per person for the pot, plus $1 venue per person for the venue)

-Gear wise we have 3 TVs and 2 360’s. Please bring set ups if you guys can (Another problem I don’t have to worry about) So if you can bring some let me know, you get venue off if you bring a set up.

-Please bring your controllers/Sticks and MARK THEM

-If we can get extra TV’s and 360/PS3 we can hold casuals on that tv. Some friendlies would be cool. We’re having TVs JUST for casuals so please use those for play and NOT Tourney T.Vs please.

-All seeded players will be accounted for (If necessary)

-If you bring stuff (TVs,360’s PS3’s.) They are YOUR responsibility! I will not be held responsible for you leaving your stuff at the tourney. I have 50+ ppl yelling in my ear for 7 hours straight. I wont be able to keep track of your stuff. So if you lose something in the end too bad it’s YOUR problem. I also wont be wasting time and money sending things to ppl who leave their stuff

-If you’re gonna be late call me and i’ll add you to the slots, and see if I can hold you off till you arrive. Please arrive ON TIME.

-Please keep in mind, it will be in a public area, respect that. Try not to mess up or take anything there. If someone gets too rowdy or violent I WILL KICK YOU OUT

Can you change the date? It’s the same day as the Street Fighter Bar Fights.


I agree

idk if i can…its not my tournament…its Rej’s…and yeah i know its the same day of the bar fights…


your wack tony. lol jk
rematch soon.

TELL REJ TO RESCHEDULE! and do you wanna ride to barfights?

umm…yeah i’ll try to tell him…and yea maybe if i’m not working…

deng . .dont really know where to go. . .