STREET FIGHTER 4 *TOURNAMENT* --TODAY 5/10-- (Oakland,CA) - Win a Nintendo Wii $250

3883 Piedmont Ave.
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 913-2818


WHEN: May 10, 2009 @ 2:00 p.m. - Please arrive 30 minutes before.

WHERE: 3883 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611

HOW MUCH: $10 Entry Fee
WHAT SYSTEM:** Tournament will be play on BOTH SYSTEMS Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

PRIZE: Brand New Nintendo Wii ($249.99 Value)
CONTROLLERS:** You may bring your own controller, fight pad, or fight stick. The store will provide basic Xbox and PS3 controllers, and Hori Fight Sticks 3 (for the PS3 only).
RULES: Please see the website for official rules.


Damn was gonna go to this but getting sick sucks and I don’t wanna infect all you fools. Next time Lance!


Sorry we couldn’t make it out today Lance, it’s big mama’s day! Anywho, to the people that did go, who won???


GGs everyone, congrats to LPN for taking it all. It was good meeting people, Richard, LPN, Haunts. Maybe next time I won’t get peaced out the first round :P.

Thanks to Lance for running this thing.


pleasure getting owned by that rufus first round




Good games everyone… Grats to Long.


I heard Crackfiend was playing today in Oakland. Which is impossible, because Crackfiend was busy today, wtf is going on?!


Oh snaps Long… You won!! Good stuff!!! Sagrat and Mmm Bison?? Good way to cap off the birthday weekend… Btw I owe you a drink… Yep.



It was fun despite losing to Sagat(damn him lol). Everyone was very nice, and i really enjoyed my time there. :slight_smile:


Lionx, who were you? I left shortly after getting my ass kicked. Didnt know u were gunna be there or would have introduced myself seein as how wee are gunna play at CSUEB. r u still down for tuesday after 2?


crackfiend waznt dere… cuz CloneFiend waz O_O
pitbossssss! cant blieve u did better with ryu den u did with sagat ><


Mangro seth


i will keep u to dat my friend :tup::razzy:




Anyone have the full results? This is off the top of my head…

  1. LPN
  2. Haunts
  3. Guile Player
  4. A_Rival
  5. Lion X
  6. ???


I was the Abel player, i used Ryu during casuals though. Gray jacket, asian dude with glasses. I played on the PS3 side because they advertised that they would be offering a Hori stick for that side. ^^;


how many people entered this tourney,


I think exactly 20.


ah okay, i was on the xbox side. left early so i didnt see the final 8. we still playin tomorrow at 2?


quickest tourney in history. :looney: