street fighter 4 tournament

Do any one a website that tells you where there’s local street fighter 4 tournament, i checked this website but the tournaments are old.

good nick


I suggest you to check out for such things. Oh wait …

hey dick i did check that it old, looks like you got time being a smartass

GO to the tournament section of this website…they aren’t old.

why you calling people dicks?? those tourneys aint old man…

What’s a tournament?

It’s human nature to blame someone else for your own shortcomings.

Sometimes it’s the simple responses that make me smile.


:coffee: Just another day in FGD.

I think they should make you take a test to be eligible to use the internet, and every individual site/forum should have their own registration quiz to see if you can handle posting on the site. Better yet, how about a test to see if you are worthy of being alive and/or reproduce?

Thread made me laugh, 3 out of 5.

Street Fighter IV Tournament Boston MA May 29th For more info hit me up at and check out for rules and info

Let’s play ‘guess the old troll’!