Street Fighter 4 tourney! Lancaster/Palmdale 03/07/2009


Tournament rules are as follows:

Style: Standard double elimination. Winners and Losers bracket.
Entry: Entry is $5 with the winnings probably going to be 70/30 for first and second. Sign ups end-ish at 12. I say ish because I know how it is sometimes getting places.

  1. 3 rounds, 2/3 match elimination.
  2. Xbox probably, unless someone wants to bring a PS3 and everyone is okay with it.
  3. Sticks and Pads allowed for tourney, button changes are okay.
  4. Seth is banned for this tourney, unless people propose a change. We’ll play it by ear on this note.
  5. Bring your A-game, and perhaps the A-team with Mr T.
  6. If you’re in need of a place to sleep you can rest here and head out in the morning (it’s a bachelor pad anyway).
  7. We will also, more than likely have casuals for other games as well as SF4 on other TV’s before/after and during the tournament. If anyone wants to bring their Xboxs or PS3s it would be helpful for boosting the tournaments speed or casuals on the side.

Address is :
42144 Quail Creek Dr
Lancaster, Ca 93536

You can reach me at 661-435-2326 (Me, Robo) or 661-478-7774 (Eric, roomate), be sure to leave a message because I’m infamous for not hearing my phone ring with your name or tag and any information you may need.


Bump for great justice!


can u tell me why seth is banned, id love to hear ur reasoning.


Damn that’s far, I’ll think about it


why is seth banned? plz explain


Gouken being banned I can understand, but why Seth? He takes damage and stun like a little girl.


We are too lazy to unlock him, and it’s the usual boss ideology. If people are for it at the tournament then we allow it. None of the rules are necessarily set in stone. It’s just to bring some good challengers over to play in tournaments for the area. I haven’t run into a crazy Gouken but I can start to understand how he’s so crazy just by fooling around with him.


gouken isnt that good either i think its retarded people even consider banning him w/o even seeing them in a tournament. i actually want to use seth during tourney


You take damage and stun like a little girl.

-Tha Hindu