Street Fighter 4 Underground Tournament 09/12/09! $500 CASH PRIZE!

1 Ricky Ortiz
3 FilipinoChamp
5 Crackfiend
5 Lamerboi
5 David Tacmo
9 Scunsion
9 Jim
9 Justin Chan
9 ElCubanoLoco
9 Emilio S
9 martin B
17 Brian Rincan
17 Kineda
17 Nathan WOng
17 Man Nguyen
17 Joe Phan
17 Darrel Ha
17 Armando A
17 Chris Lee
17 Vincent C
17 Robbie s.
17 romero S.
33 Manuel B
33 Daniel Pham
33 Eric Sunalp
33 Brian Rios
33 Jeremy Lu
33 Kurokiba
33 Stephanie Tran
33 Patrick V.
33 Zero Demise
33 L2P
33 Christian B
33 Javier G
33 James001
33 Eric Lee
33 Marco C
33 T.J
33 Rey Ares
33 james J
33 Priest
33 Jose Fernandez
33 David R
33 Juan Rodriguez

ooooh. sounds kinky o_0

i hope this is in/near the 408 region

“underground tournament” makes me think of that level in Tekken 5 with the car hanging from the ceiling and a bunch of guys forming a ring around the SFIV cab chanting “Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!”

probably not gonna be that cool though.

I’ll be attending if this actually happens in a cave, specifically that one from SF3 Double Impact, I think it was Oro’s stage–yeah–that big ass cat was too dope. I’ll come to this tourney if that cat is there.

which play n trade?

theres that one in san jose off capitol

Update on first post!

how do we register?

yo odis man you guys must be gettin mad business thx to the sf4 tourneys!! shoot i remember the first one was CRAZYY!!:wow: back in feb!! right when the game was out damn man i remember people lining up even after sign ups were closed talkin bout how “if i was in the tourney blah blah blah:chat:” but damn was it nuts had crazy matches cant wait for this one hopefully i get to kick your butt didnt get to play you in the first one:yawn::cool:

fight money is mines.

Single elimination with a losers finals, winners finals AND a grand finals. How does that work?

This sounds hella crazy. I’ll be there.

will there also be a sanwa parts sale?

if its play n trade sanjose (pntsj) they usually still open during tourney!!:party: thats what i know unless odis says differently??? ODIS!?!?!?!?:wow:


sucks it’s single elim, but i’ll go anyway. just got to ask for those days off.

MUST…BEAT…LPN!!!:sweat: Look forward to kickin some ass in the tournament…THOUSAND YEARS OF PAIN!!!:rofl:
the answer lies in the heart of battle - ryu

is there a pre-reg? Is there an entry fee?

damn I saw that this is all on Xbox360? I only have a PS3 stick :frowning: