Street Fighter 4 (v2.0)

Since the other one was closed, I figured there’s no point in not continuing in a new FLAME-FREE thread. Please guys don’t ruin it for the people who are here to be creative. Much like the rules on top of the forum, please if you are gonna criticize people’s idea or art, do so constructively.

I posted this in the other thread, might as well do so here since I’m not done with it.

I still need sketches of Akuma, Vega ( :sad: ) mainly and any others if anyone is interested. I’m working on my second draft at the moment which replaces some characters and adds a few new ones etc.

Um no, people post their character designs here and post art relating to new characters here. I think it fits perfectly here.

This should be in the fan fic forum. I mean its pointless to post all that you did and not any art, cause it just seems like an excuse to post your story, ie you didn’t post any character designs, if this was a thread for people to post SF4 designs then you should’ve said that in your first post and just that, there’s no reason to post all that other stuff given you could’ve posted it in the Fan Fic forum, or the SF4 thread in the Fighting Game Forum, or the one in the Comic forum, os its just redundant now.

Also it seems kinda greedy to say you need people to do art for your stuff, I mean this is a fan art forum, generaly when people start a thread they post art themselves and people post their comments or they have some kinda set up like the Character Select thread thats gone on so long here.

I was wondering when you will show up with your pedantic ramblings, TASS.

Greedy? I’m not forcing anyone to do anything, I’m asking for people who are interested to sketch up something based on my initial designs. I posted my characters in the thread for that reason. People discuss new character designs in an SF4 and create art based around them.

Add the fact that you posted your character designs and story in the other thread you hypocritical piece of shit. Mind your own business and stop telling other people what to say, what to do and how to think. You don’t know everything.


If you’re gonna make another thread at least have the decency to post what pertains to the forums instead of all this blah. More power to you for making these nice ideas, but I wanna see some concepts, not a backstory. Sorry, man, but this might be deleted if there’s no work in it.

Daemos – I’m giving you 2 options and one recommendation.

You use the existing SF4 thread in FGD to talk storyline / gameplay / etc. You can post requests for illustrations in this thread, but you are only allowed to post a character description on this thread. Post a link to any other info (personality, etc) below the description. I will enforce a zero tolerance policy on this thread, so if it gets out of hand (spam, flames, etc) I will close it and bar any further threads on this issue.

If all that sounds like way too much work, then I suggest that I move this thread to Fanfic, and you guys can carry on talking storyline all you want (or until The Damned deems otherwise). You can still post images using URLs instead of IMG code.

Since you seem to get ticked off by TAS’ posts, I encourage you to put him on your ignore list. That way you won’t see his posts unless you opt to, and you won’t spam up threads with back-and-forth retorting.

Ya know, for someone who wanted a FLAME-FREE thread, you sure are instigating alot of shit.

Btw, I read your little fic. You need to get laid.

I didn’t post my story in the SF4 thread, I posted pics and some BRIEF story descriptions of the characters. I told whoever wanted to read my story they could go and read it in the fan fic forum since it was already posted there. It just make me seem attention seeking if I went around posting the same in every SF4 related thread like you do.

Also the ONLY reason you even posted this thread, was to give yourself another excuse to post your story (that you’ve already posted what like a dozen times at this point) and because the other SF4 was probaly working out well for you, so what a suprise that you’d post this thread.

Personally I thought the other thread got a bit out of hand with more story then art, even when I stated my character’s story, the post had his drawing on it at least… anyway, I still haven’t gotten around to painting it yet and I was hoping to put it up on the SF4 thread when that was done (I attempted to paint it with Dr. Martin’s Water Dyes and that just reminded me of why I hate Water Color in the first place so I had to go back to my Poster Paints, it’s redrawn and inked and awaiting painting) but if not I guess I’ll create a thread for the drawing or something, unless this becomes an SF4 Art Thread which I hope it does.

I was gonna put the previous sf4 art I’d drawn here but would that be in breach of anything seeing as it’s already in another post? (albeit, closed)

You could put your other stuff here, but there wouldn’t be much point, since the other SF4 thread is still current, I mean even though the other SF4 thread was locked its still there, still on the first page here, and only like 4th from the top, ie its still extremely easy for people to view that art there for the time being. Like I posted some art in that thread that I had already posted here before, but it had been like a year since I lasted posted it, nobody would be able to find the original posts at this point.


I just relized what would end up working out a whole lot better.

A Original SF Characters thread. I mean all that ever happens in these SF4 things is the same crap over and over again, people post or talk about characters that have already long since been created by Capcom or ARIKA, and what they’d do with them, etc, etc, where as original stuff can be more intresting, unique, dosn’t have to have a ton of related story stuff, etc, etc, so I’ll put up something like that or whatever.


The “Original Fighters” thread is up, so feel free to post any original character designs there.

Honestly, good shit. You’ve given this stuff a lot of thought. I think you should consider trying to hook into the Capcom Industry rather than displaying your stuff in this shit hole. If you don’t try producing it or something like it in some way this little fantasy of yours might drive you insane…anyway…

Ugh…DreamDateDoug, you couldn’t be more irrelevant.

Ugh, the other thread closed down before I could get my question answered. TAS, can you just please look at the pictures here and and tell me if it’s the comic you were talking about? That’s all I ask.

Guys, as much as this thread seems to be a means to ‘advertise’ my SF4 story, this really wasn’t my intention. I made this thread so people can discuss in both writing and drawing, their character designs for a possible SF4 game. Because of this, I feel this thread is not in the wrong forum, I also feel it is a continuation of the other thread that was closed.

@Zero Synth

Thanks buddy, I don’t think I’m gonna produce a game like this, let alone apply for a job in Capcom. However, I’ll be content with making my ideas the best they could be in both writing and drawing.

Re-post of mine from the closed thread:

This is Riot Locks. He was burned alive by Shadaloo agents when he attempted to form his own syndicate and take over Shadaloo territory in northeast US. Riot exhibited an extreme amount of power for someone with no fighting discipline. Because of that, Bison decided to preserve him. Riot was made whole again through cybernetic reconstruction and was in the process of being brainwashed when the events of SFA occured. Riot returned to New York to form his own gang and gain power from the absense of Shadaloo. Riot enters the fourth tournament looking for new recruits and to test the full extent of his power.