Street Fighter 4 vids

here is a vid for SF 4 OMG AMAZING


you are a donkey




in before ban.


Haha, that was really funny, good call man.

Now I need to put a NES pad PCB inside my HRAP3…

Ranboo for top tier. :rofl:

I like nachos, and other cheesy snacks. Jalapenos always make them better indeed, and when I’m in the mood for it, add some chili too.

In before close

good job alex

see you at ssn

wow I was gunna think of something witty to say, but w/e not worth it

Where’s the foata chowda?

Your rep seems to be green, let me fix that for you.

that’s an amazingly cute avatar.

i’m halfway amused…i’d probably be more annoyed if i hadn’t learned that sonic was in brawl 24 hours ago lol

you fail