Street Fighter 4 Voice Mods


SF4 Character Voice Mod tutorial

UPDATE: SF4 Audio Manager (Upgrade from CSB Packer) with CPK support from goshanes:

Tools Required:

Video Tutorial (part 1): [media=youtube]eVSDG1c34Eo[/media]
Video Tutorial (part 2): [media=youtube]NaIXEJfPq-w[/media]

A special thank you to SRK user goshanes, for making this possible with his CSB Packer!!!

NOTE: If CSB Packer doesn’t run, you need the Visual Studio C++ 2008 Redistributable Package:

Regarding the details of each operation, please refer to my video tutorial

Steps to DECODE:
1 - Copy RYU_E.csb (Ryu English Voice File) from your Chara dir to a temp dir
2 - Extract AAX voice files from the CSB
3 - Extract ADX voice files from AAX files
4 - Decode ADX files to WAV files

5 - Overwrite WAV files with your own

Steps to RE-ENCODE:
6 - Encode WAV files back to ADX files
7 - Reformat ADX files back to AAX files
8 - Re-pack AAX files into a new CSB
9 - Overwrite the original RYU_E.csb with the new one.


Old post content:

Hi guys,

I did a voice mod of Ryu a couple of days just for fun (it’s in portuguese:P).

In case you want to try it out:


1 - unzip file
2 - copy the file over RYU_E.csb in "C:\Program Files (x86)\CAPCOM\STREETFIGHTERIV\Battle\Chara\RYU"
3 - select english voice for Ryu in the sound menu
4 - play:P


We need one of these for the Mecha zangief skin.


Yeah I would like to change the voice for my Mech Zangief mod. Could you do a tutorial on how to do this? Thanks.


I do some voices and I’m willing to give new things a shot, so pm me if you’re interested.


Sure, I’ll make a video tutorial;) I’ll post it here when it’s ready.


This could be really cool to make some of the mods to other characters really stand out.


Could we get a sample of the sound file to listen to? Not all of us have SF4 PC!


I’d like to do a viet voice mod for fei long


I would like to get proper language voices that were recorded by people that speak it as their native language :slight_smile:

For example Mandarin Chinese for Chun-Li and Fei-Long, Cantonese for Dan, Mexican Spanish for El Fuerte, Russian for Gief.

Spanish should be easy for south westerners, the Chinese may have already stared doing Chun and Fei, anyone speak any of the other languages well enough to do other voices.
I speak Chinese as a second language, but my voice is too deep for Fei. I could possibly do Gen’s voice. Though I’ve been speaking it 12 years or so, I’m sure my pronunciation is no where near a native speaker :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a transcript of what everyone says in game somewhere?


Duke Nukem mod for Guile please!


lol, make a tutorial!


Finishing it now;) Great ideas being posted here:P


Yeah, upload a tutorial thanks…


I posted something related to this in this thread.
Basically, you just un-csb the voice files, replace the .wav files with your own (must have the same file name as the voice you want to replace), then convert these files into a .csb again.


I wanna make a SF Cartoon voice replacement pack full of YES! and BISON!!!


Someone put “this is delicious” on Bisons Ultra lmao


Awesome, going to try this myself.


Start up cinematic: I’ve got ball’s of steel!
First and second kick: I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum!
Last kick: And I’m all outta gum…



Blow it out your ass.


Tutorial DONE!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, just finished the tutorial. I’m uploading it now on youtube. I’ll put the link in the first post in a couple of minutes, as soon as it finishes uploading.